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    A Brief History of Secret Societies: An Unbiased History of Our Desire for Secret Knowledge

    A fascinating history of the hidden powers of clandestine organizations from the ancient world to the present day from Fortean Times contributor David V. Barrett.

    Throughout history Man’s search for knowledge has revealed strange truths. A Brief History of Secret Societies explores the allure and the hidden history of the esoteric religious beliefs and investigates how these societies have come to gain a powerful hold upon the popular imagination.

    Barrett presents an unbiased and balanced history of our desire for secret knowledge and of the societies that preserve it.

    Chapters include: The Roots; From the Renaissance to the Age of Reason; Freemasonry; The Resurgence of Esoteric Societies; Secret Society—The Dark Side; The Eternal Quest; Coda; Chronology; more.

    Imported from Britain.

    Softcover, 360 pages

    "In a field normally typified by confusion and ignorance this book by David Barrett is clear, concise, informative and to be recommended." --Michael Baigent, co-author of HOLY BLOOD, HOLY GRAIL.

    David V. Barrett is the author of The New Believers and Sects, 'Cults', & Alternative Religions, and his work has appeared in the TLS, Independent, Literary Review, Spectator, and New Scientist, among other publications. His books have been published in 13 languages and 17 countries. He lives in London, UK.


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