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    Angry White Male: How the Donald Trump Phenomenon is Changing America—and What We Can All Do to Save the Middle Class

    The mainstream media and ultra-liberal Democrats can’t understand why white voters, especially white men, are so angry. Wayne Allyn Root is an angry white male, and he knows why. This is his story, his testimony, and a look at what’s happening to an entire group of good people: law-abiding, tax-paying, hard-working, middle-class people. They’re being targeted, silenced, intimidated, persecuted — virtually wiped off the planet — in order to make guilty, politically correct white liberals feel better about themselves. It’s open season on white males.

    And yes, you’re damn right they’re angry. In Angry White Male, Root makes his case why he and his brethren have every right to be angry. Millions of angry white males are not on the attack but rather responding in self-defense. Root urges the middle class to take charge before they are protested and legislated out of existence, penniless, powerless, jobless, afraid to speak for fear of being shouted down and immediately labeled “racist.”

    Not afraid of being politically incorrect, Angry White Male exposes the unfair and unregulated policies, politically correct attitudes, and reverse racism that have recently oppressed and depressed the shrinking middle class — in voting, housing, guns, taxes, regulation, and jobs — and provides the playbook to empower readers to protect their rights. They can do this by verbalizing, mobilizing, and protesting, getting out to vote in record numbers, pushing for term limits, fighting the “not so free” trade battle, fighting for a “Middle-Class Contract with America” and “Middle-Class Income Tax Vacation,” and arming themselves with the “Middle-Class Weapon of Self-Defense.” Let the revolution begin!

    Softcover, 352 pages

    "Wayne Allyn Root knows how to be tenacious and relentless..." - Donald J. Trump, New York Times bestselling author, Chairman of the Trump Organization, Presidential Candidate

    "Wayne Allyn Root is one libertarian I like!" - Ann Coulter, New York Times bestselling author

    "Combine common sense, courage, and great writing skills and you’ve got Wayne Allyn Root and his latest book, Angry White Male. Wayne grabs the reader and doesn’t let go in this no-holds-barred book. I dare you to try to put this book down. The chapters on Donald Trump and the solutions to saving the great American middle class are riveting...your perspective on so many things will change." - Joseph Sugarman, legendary Entrepreneur and Chairman of BluBlocker Sunglass Corporation

    "The Conservative movement desperately needs someone like Wayne Allyn Root. Dynamic, charismatic, fearless." - Rita Cosby, Emmy award-winning TV Host, Fox News

    "Wayne Allyn Root is a living, breathing Capitalist Evangelist." - Mike Huckabee, 44th Governor of Arkansas, former presidential candidate, TV Host

    "It's happening in front of our eyes; the middle class is under relentless assault. Author Wayne Allyn Root identifies villains and puts forth solutions..." - Steve Forbes, Chairman of Forbes Media

    "Wayne Allyn Root is one of the great conservative thinkers in America." - Bill Cunningham, TV Host

    "America is in trouble. The middle class is under attack. Wayne Allyn Root leads the charge to protect the American Dream." - Dinesh D'Souza, New York Times bestselling author

    "Wayne Allyn Root is a middle class warrior." - Jim DeMint, former U.S. Senator and president of The Heritage Foundation

    "Wayne Allyn Root has a brilliant mind..." - Benjamin S. Carson Sr., MD, New York Times bestselling author and former presidential candidate

    Wayne Allyn Root is a capitalist evangelist, entrepreneur, TV producer, syndicated columnist, media dynamo, speaker, and outspoken politician. Wayne is the author of several bestselling books including The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide, The Power of Relentless, and The Murder of the Middle Class. He was the Libertarian Party’s vice-presidential nominee in 2008 and has been opening speaker at many Donald Trump events. He hosts “WAR Now: The Wayne Allyn Root Radio Show.” He lives in Henderson, Nevada.

    Roger Stone is a seasoned political operative and pundit. A veteran of eight national presidential campaigns, he served as a senior campaign aide to three Republican presidents before leaving the GOP for the Libertarian Party. He is author of The Clintons' War on Women, Jeb and the Bush Crime Family, and the New York Times bestseller The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ and has written for Fox Opinion, Breitbart News,, and the Op-Ed page of the New York Times. He lives in South Florida.


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