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    Every day Americans are told ad nauseum about the North’s take on the Civil War, but rarely if ever do we hear the South’s version of events. In this limited offer, you can get the South’s point of view -- straight from the horse’s mouth! In this limited offer, AFP is offering at a significant discount the Memoirs of Mosby ($25) plus Blood in Ozarks ($17) plus Lee on Leadership ($15) plus The Southerner ($26) plus Confederate Flag Facts ($22), which normally retail for $105, for 25% off. That’s $105 worth of books for just $78.75 PLUS you get Rebel Wisdom ($6) AND FREE S&H in the U.S. That’s an additional $16 savings.

    The Memoirs of Col. John S. Mosby

    By John S. Mosby. These are the uncensored memoirs of John Singleton Mosby, the legendary Confederate cavalry leader who bedeviled the Union army for four years, almost within sight of the U.S. capitol.

    With only a few thousand local men under his command, Mosby’s ability to strike fast and then melt away before an effective pursuit could be organized kept the Yankee forces awake and often snarled in knots. His ability to disappear into the dark night or the deep woods earned him the nickname “The Gray Ghost.”

    Here are his recollections of Mosby about Manassas, Gettysburg, J.E.B. Stuart, Pickett’s Charge, his post-war activities, his time in Hong Kong and in Washington, D.C., and more.

    Softcover, 262 pages, retails for $25

    Blood in the Ozarks: Union War Crimes Against Southern Sympathizers and Civilians in Occupied Missouri

    By Clint Lacy. Deep in the eastern Ozarks of Missouri, a battle still rages about a massacre that happened on Christmas Day of 1863. While some call it a simple rescue mission to liberate captured Union soldiers, others claim that it was mass murder, which included women, children and the elderly.

    The Civil War (or the War of the Rebellion as many Southerners prefer to call it), was a bitter and brutal conflict, but perhaps never more so than in the state of Missouri, where the wounds of the Kansas border wars were still open and festering.

    Softcover, 157 pages, retails for $17

    Robert E. Lee on Leadership: Executive Lessons in Character, Courage, and Vision

    By H.W. Crocker. Gen. Robert E. Lee eluded the Union juggernaut for four years and cunningly thwarted his foe by applying successful leadership and military acumen, winning many battles even though losing the war.

    However, his reputation and legacy have remained intact, suggesting leadership principles that could be applied today.

    Softcover, 256 pages, retails for $15

    The Southerner: The Real Story of Abraham Lincoln

    By Thomas Dixon. Have we become too used to the idea of Lincoln as the maniacal despot? Did he have other plans in mind for the racial integrity of America? Have we undersold Lincoln’s intentions in regard to the freeing of slaves? Contrary to the Spielberg/Hollywood myth, Abraham Lincoln’s greatest desire was to free blacks from slavery—and then send them all back to Africa. Was this the reason he was killed?

    Softcover, 351 pages, retails for $26

    Confederate Flag Facts: What Every American Should Know About Dixie’s Southern Cross

    By Lochlan Seabrook. Is the Confederate battle flag truly a symbol of “hatred, racism, and slavery,” as liberals maintain? Of course not. It’s the opposite: it’s a symbol of Christian love, universal brotherhood and freedom, but they don’t want you to know that!

    More importantly, it’s a sacred emblem of Southern heritage, history and honor -- one that every traditional Southerner is rightfully proud of.

    This book is more than just about the history of the Confederate Flag. It also corrects an untold number of myths and lies that have been told about the South for hundreds of years.

    Softcover, 356 pages, $22

    Rebel Wisdom: A Collection of the Memorable Quotes, Sayings & Speeches of Prominent Confederates

    By John Tiffany. Contained within Rebel Wisdom you will find speeches and quotes from some of the best and least known Confederates that capture the spirit of the Southern secessionists and exemplify their quest for real freedom from tyranny. Also includes the South Carolina Declaration of War and the Confederate Constitution, and it lists the members of the Confederate government and high ranking members of the Confederate military.

    Softcover, retails for $6


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