SCORPIONS for BREAKFAST: My Fight Against Special Interests, Liberal Media & Cynical Politicos to Secure America’s Border

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    Sometime after dark on March 27, 2010, Arizona rancher Robert Krentz was found dead next to his four-wheeler on his ranch on the Arizona-Mexico border. Krentz and his dog had been missing since that morning. They were last heard from when he radioed his brother to say that he’d found an illegal alien on the property and was going to offer him assistance. The man Krentz encountered that day shot and killed him and his dog, without warning, before escaping to Mexico.

    It’s difficult to overstate the impact of Krentz’s death, which turned the issue of Arizona’s unsecured border—a crisis that the federal government had repeatedly ignored—into a national concern. As Arizona sheriff Larry Dever said in his testimony before the Senate Homeland Security Committee, “We cannot sit by while our citizens are terrorized, robbed and murdered by ruthless and desperate people who enter our country illegally.” This momentum helped pass SB 1070, a bill that authorizes local law enforcement to question persons reasonably suspected of being illegal aliens, which Governor Jan Brewer had been working on for months. With the passage of this bill, the state of Arizona became ground zero in the debate over illegal immigration.

    The Democrats and the mainstream media went into overdrive, denouncing the state and its governor as racists and “Nazis.”

    In Scorpions for Breakfast, Jan Brewer, America’s toughest governor and one of the most popular conservative political figures in the nation today, proudly defends her embattled state and challenges President Obama to do his job and keep our border safe.

    Unfairly tarred by liberal critics as a state comprised of racist rednecks, Arizona is on the front lines in the battle against illegal immigration—and the courageous stand of its governor—who has been called so tough that she “eats scorpions for breakfast”—will educate and inspire Americans from coast to coast.

    Hardback, 228 pages

    Excerpt from the Introduction

    I am not the first governor to find herself in a no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners battle with Washington and the liberal media. But in Arizona, our fight is different, and all the more frustrating for it. While most reform-minded governors fight Washington for the freedom to do their jobs without federal micromanagement, I am fighting Washington to make it get off its keister and do what it’s supposed to do.

    The Constitution is very clear on this point. We looked it up. Article VI, Section 4 imposes on the federal government the duty to “protect each [state] against Invasion and . . . . domestic Violence.” I don’t want anything more controversial than for Barack Obama to honor these words. I don’t want anything more radical than for the law to be enforced.

    And yet there I was, being called names you would never want your children and grandchildren to hear. I was called “Hitler’s daughter.” I was called “Satan’s whore.” Mostly, I was called things I can’t repeat here. Why? When did enforcing the law become controversial? The sheer volume and hysteria of the reaction we had provoked made me think we were on to something.


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