SPYNEST: British and German Espionage from Neutral Holland 1914 -1918

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    An explosive account of the competing spy networks that used neutral Holland as their base in World War One!

    After World War I broke out, the port city of Rotterdam in particular became a prolific breeding ground for secret agents and spies. The neutrality of the Netherlands, its geographical position in between the most powerful warring nations, and its proximity to the Western Front meant that British and German secret services both chose Holland as their main base for spying operations on each other.

    On neutral Dutch ground, newly established intelligence services learned the spy trade. Spynest tells the story of the secret agents involved, their Dutch hirelings and the spies they recruited and sacrificed between August 1914 and November 1918.

    This book describes the activities of spymaster Hilmar Dierks and his spies who were executed in the Tower of London; offers fresh insight into German intelligence operations directed against Britain; reveals the forgotten history of WWI espionage; shows Rotterdam as the key spy center of World War I; and offers primary sources from Dutch archives, British National Archives, diaries, memoirs and dozens of newspapers.

    Hardcover, 255 pages, 16 B&W illustrations, eight B&W plates


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