The FORD CENTURY: Ford Motor Company and the Innovations that Shaped the World

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    No technological achievement has altered our world more than the introduction of the automobile into every element of our society, and no single company has been more influential in that achievement than Ford Motor Company. For the past 100 years, we have used automobiles for our livelihood, for travel and recreation, for delivery and transport—thanks, in large part, to the vision of Henry Ford and the three successive generations of Ford leaders that have furthered his legacy.

    This hundredth anniversary book is a fascinating, highly visual look into the history of an American icon—a company with a household name that has been a part of the fabric of our nation’s history. Ford’s story is one of inventions, personalities, legendary vehicles, setbacks, and successes, all intertwined with the most challenging and innovative century in American history.

    The Ford Century represents the visual history of the man, the machine, and the company that changed the world. From the automotive assembly line to the V-8 engine; from the affordable everyman’s car to the creation of a network of national highways, from the Arsenal of Democracy in World War II to today’s global economy—it’s all here in the most compelling and comprehensive book on Henry Ford and the Ford legacy.

    With more than 500 full-color and archival images, an unflinching, thoroughly researched text, and many special features, this book spans a complete century of goings-on at this archetypal corporation. The Ford Century covers all of the well-known subjects—the Model T, Edsel Ford, the famed Rouge Complex—plus exciting unreleased vehicles, compelling interviews, and surprising insights that are possible only with the unparalleled access granted to the producers of this book.

    Featuring a lively, personality-centered text and stunning images, The Ford Century is a compelling read for car buffs, industry watchers, and connoisseurs of illustrated history alike.

    Softcover, 272 pages

    Historians, engineers, friends and foes have penned many books about Henry Ford’s life and work—not counting all the books about the cars. But here is one that covers it all in words and pictures. This high-quality coffee table history book contains over 500 photos. It is hefty but not massive, easy to read and well designed.

    Russ Banham divides the Ford story into four topical chapters: an overview, risks, innovations, and efforts to improve the world. The Ford Motor Company changed the world. The Ford Century is an amazing overview of an engaging corporate story and the love affair American consumers had with not only Ford automobiles, but also Henry Ford himself.


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