FRONTMAN: Obama’s Darkest Secrets Revealed

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    In 2008, Barack Obama became the face of hope and change. Yet lurking behind the scenes is a host of personages who long ago selected this man to forward their global agenda. Frontman reveals the actual powers behind his throne: Bilderberg plotters, Zionist handlers, global financiers and Marxist activists.

    Critics have called Obama an empty suit, but in actuality, the suit is filled by a cabal of men and women whose primary goal is to radically transform the United States. To cover their tracks, an air of secrecy has enveloped Obama’s past, including his birth records, college transcripts and employment history.

    While other books merely scratch the surface, Frontman tears away the deceptive smoke and mirrors that have been used to propel him into the Oval Office. By far the most comprehensive exposé to date, President Barack Obama can no longer hide behind a façade that had been carefully created and orchestrated over the past few decades by people who are still pulling his strings.

    The title says it all: America’s commander-in-chief is merely a figurehead for much more powerful people and forces. Now, at long last, one of the most brutally honest portraits ever presented shows how our nation is being controlled by unseen hands that are leading us perilously close to disaster.

    Softcover, 112 pages

    Introduction: Barack Obama and the Covert Symbolism of Destruction

    1. Obama a Tool of Bilderberg?

    2. Barack Obama’s Whitewater

    3. The Obamas’ Problem with America

    4. Members of Obama’s Church Killed

    5. Obama’s Globalist Ties Exposed

    6. Barack Obama & Hillary: Two Consummate Insiders

    7. Barack’s Berlin Speech Exposes Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

    8. Obama’s Disturbing Connection to Terrorist William Ayers

    9. Obama ‘Assassination Plot’ Smells Like a Set-up

    10. Rahm Emanuel: Long History of Pro-Zionist Activities

    11. Obama Inner Circle Filled with CFR, Trilats, Bilderbergers

    12. Chicago Shakedown: How Close is Obama?

    13. Brazen Illinois Governor Seals His Fate

    14. Barack Obama’s Planned Medical Socialism

    15. Inconsistencies Arise in CFO Suicide Story

    16. Obama White House Pressures Chrysler

    17. Biden Blasted for ‘Bunker’ Blunder

    18. Hillary, Bill & Barack’s ACORN Connection

    19. America’s Future Getting Darker

    20. Who Is Behind Obama’s Rise to Political Stardom?

    21. Obama’s Cabinet of Death

    22. Obama & Company Target Internet

    23. Revolutionary Black Radical Thinking Infests Washington

    24. Obama & ACORN Falling Fast

    25. America’s First Jewish President?

    26. Who is Barack Obama’s Real Father?

    27. Obama Surrounded by Real Live Communists

    28. Obama ‘Gay Accuser’ Running for Congress

    Afterword: Guilt by Association

    Chapter 20: Who Is Behind Obama’s Rise To Political Stardom
    Originally published: August 17, 2009

    Is Barack Obama the product of a vast socialist conspiracy designed to undermine the fundamental tenets established by our Founding Fathers, all bankrolled and organized by Jewish financiers? The answer is unequivocally: yes.

    To deconstruct this labyrinth-like network, one must start at the top with businessman George Soros and his ties to the world’s most powerful Zionist family. Journalist, historian and economic researcher William Engdahl sets the stage. “Soros has been identified as a front man for the Rothschild banking group. Understandably, neither he nor the Rothschilds want this important fact to be public.” He continues, “Soros’s connections to the ultra-secret international finance circles of the Rothschilds is not just an ordinary or accidental banking connection.” Finally, in a November 1, 1996 article, Engdahl writes, “From the very first days when Soros created his own investment fund in 1969, he owed his success to his relation to the Rothschild family banking network.”

    Soros, through his Open Society Institute, funnels approximately $300 million a year into various liberal venues, including the influential According to veteran researcher Anton Chaitkin, Soros also hand picked Barack Obama to challenge Hillary Clinton (and ultimately defeat GOP nominee John McCain). On September 5, 2008, he wrote, “Barack Obama came under special Soros sponsorship in the 2004 U.S. Senate race [and] raised $60,000 for his campaign.” After attaining victory, Obama met personally with Soros, then attended a fundraiser at his home.

    Chaitkin elaborates further in Soros Runs British Foreign Office Coup Against U.S. Elections: “On December 4, 2006, two years after getting into the U.S. Senate, Barack Obama went to Soros’s New York office to be inter- viewed for higher office. Soros then took Obama into a conference room for other politically subordinate billionaires. With money and connections ensured, Obama announced for the presidency soon afterward.”


    To understand how devastating this Rothschild-Soros agenda is, we need to look at the words of Michelle Obama in a June 19, 2008 speech where she said, “We’re going to have to change our traditions and our history.” In other words, Obama & Company is trying to alter the very fabric upon which this country was founded. She explained further on August 25, 2008: “All of us are driven by a simple belief that the world as it is just won’t do. We have an obligation to fight for the world as it should be.”

    Who, precisely, will determine how our world should be? Mrs. Obama’s poignant phrase was lifted directly from Saul Alinsky, a Chicago-based Jewish extremist who penned the handbook for far-left causes, Rules for Radicals. To implement his plans to undermine America, an intricate network needed to be established that would spread its tentacles throughout every aspect of society.

    One of the primary vehicles they utilized was the Tides Foundation, to which Soros contributed $13 million from 1997 to 2003. Established by Jewish antiwar activist Drummond Pike in 1976, this tax-exempt organization serves a very important function. According to researcher Ben Johnson of Front Page Magazine in September 2004, they “allow high-profile individuals to fund extremist organizations by ‘laundering’ their money through Tides, leaving no paper trail.”

    In essence, after taking a ten-percent cut, Tides has fed over $300 million to entities such as cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, and those who advocate abortion-on-demand, all the while assuring contributors that they won’t be publicly linked to these causes. One look at the Tides Foundations’ board reveals who calls the shots. Drummond, Senior Vice President Gary Schwartz, and Executive Vice President Ellen Friedman are all Jewish.

    Pike also used his leverage to bail out ACORN’s welfare rights leader Wade Rathke after he embezzled $948,507. To protect Rathke, ACORN never contacted law enforcement officials or sought prosecution. Instead, Stephanie Strom of The New York Times wrote on August 17, 2008, “The organization announced that an anonymous supporter had agreed” to pay off the debt. That man was Drummond Pike. To cover the group’s tracks, Arthur Schwartz (Jewish) now coordinates its slippery public relations.

    Of course, Barack Obama began his political career as the chief national trainer for ACORN, which now faces lawsuits in fourteen states for voter fraud. Obama’s mentor as a community organizer in Chicago was Gerald Kellman (Jewish), a Saul Alinksy protégé. To begin his meteoric rise toward the White House, money originated from what Clarice Feldman of American Thinker calls the “Gang of Four”—Soros, Peter Lewis, Stephen Bing and Herbert and Marion Sandler. All are Jewish billionaires.

    One of Obama’s most important backers was Marilyn Katz (Jewish), who oversaw security for the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) and advocated violent guerrilla tactics toward the police (as did Obama associate William Ayers of the Weather Underground). Katz became a fundraising bundler for Obama, as well as hosting fundraisers and serving as an Illinois delegate at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.


    The Tides Foundation controls the San Francisco-based Apollo Alliance, which “absolutely believes that government is the solution to all social and economic problems.” On July 28, Phil Kerpen of Americans for Prosperity described how the “Apollo Alliance is designed to bring together the elements of organized labor with community organizers and green groups.” More importantly, Kerpen revealed that the Apollo Alliance “put out a draft stimulus bill in 2008 … that included almost everything that ended up being in the final stimulus bill.”

    Van Jones, Obama’s new “green jobs czar,” described the Apollo Alliance as a “grand unified field theory for progressive left causes.” Who exactly is Van Jones? After participating in the 1992 L.A. riots (for which he was arrested and incarcerated), Jones told the East Bay Express on November 2, 2005, “I met all these young radical people of color—I mean, really radical communists and anarchists. And it was like: this is what I need to be part of. I spent the next ten years of my life working with a lot of these people I met in jail, trying to be a revolutionary. I was a rowdy black revolutionary on April 28, and when the verdicts came down on April 29, I was a communist.”

    To round out this list, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is primarily responsible for what is contained in Obama’s socialized healthcare bill. Andy Stern and Anna Burger lead the SEIU, both of whom are Jewish cronies of George Soros. Their vice president is Gerald Hudson (Jewish). Pushing this bill and the stimulus package to various media out- lets is Robert Borosage (Jewish) of the Institute for America’s Future (also a huge recipient of Soros’ funding). Overseeing the housing and banking in- dustries is none other than Barney Frank (Jewish), chairman of the House Financial Services Committee. Last but not least, most of Obama’s inner circle—David Axelrod, Lawrence Summers, Rahm Emanuel, Paul Volcker and Timothy Geithner—are Jewish (although some sources say Geithner is not).


    Putting this complicated matter into perspective is educational theorist and critic David Solway. On July 7, 2009 he wrote, “We Jews are a sly and surreptitious people. It pains me to admit this, but candor compels. We have understood that the best way to bring America to its knees, to weaken its will to survive, to cleverly turn it against itself, was to do everything in our considerable arsenal of means to deliver the White House to Barack Obama.”

    The conspiracy has been completed, and now the Jewish Rothschild- Soros connection controls voter registration (ACORN), money laundering (Tides), billions in stimulus spending (Apollo), possibly the future of healthcare (SEIU), finance (Franks) and the Oval Office’s inner workings (Emanuel, Geithner, Axelrod and Summers). Ironically, after Obama was forced to separate himself from spiritual adviser Jeremiah Wright, the reverend complained, “Them Jews aren’t going to let him talk to me.”

    Victor Thorn founded Sisyphus Press in the fall of 2000. He is the author of 54 different works, including 30 books, 19 chapbooks, as well as five anthologies which he served as editor. He has published the works of numerous writers in the alternative media such as Michael Collins Piper, Adam Gorightly, Lisa Guliani, Mark Glenn, John Kaminski, Joan d’Arc, Pete Papaherakles, Carl Robinson, and Pat Shannan, while also producing five CD-ROMs and DVDs, one of which is a five-disc collection that covers the John F. Kennedy Assassination (Evidence of Revision). Thorn’s political articles have appeared in various newspapers around the country. He has also freelanced for magazines such as Paranoia and The Barnes Review.

    In February 2001, Thorn founded Babel magazine, an online publication that ran until early 2004 and featured some of the first articles devoted to the 9-11 conspiracy.

    One of his books, The New World Order Exposed, was translated and published in Japan in 2006, while 9-11 on Trial has been republished by Progressive Press, and was also released in France to coincide with the fifth anniversary of 9-11.

    After co-hosting The Victor Thorn Show on the Reality Radio Network from 2002-2003, in February 2004 he co-founded WING TV (World Independent News Group), a daily Internet television and radio talk show viewed in over 100 countries worldwide. In addition, he’s been a weekly investigative reporter for American Free Press since 2007 while serving as AFP’s assignment editor in 2011.

    Thorn has also made hundreds of different radio appearances (including Coast-to-Coast AM and The Lionel Show on WOR 710 in New York City) and has done weekly one-hour news updates on Alex Merklinger’s Mysteries of the Mind, while also appearing weekly on Vyzygoth’s From the Grassy Knoll and Frank Whalen’s Frankly Speaking Radio.

    Thorn has been an avid political activist who spoke at the OKC Bombing 10th anniversary, as well as before the America First Party. He has also protested in six different states, not to mention at Ground Zero on several occasions and in front of the White House in Washington, D.C.


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