ONE in a MILLION: An IRS Travesty

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    A hard-hitting and well-written drama, ONE in a MILLION: An IRS Travesty, tells the harrowing story of a successful American businessman and devoted family man who found his life turned upside down by corrupt IRS insiders after he dared to delve, like other patriots, into researching the history of our tax system and its insidious origins.

    Although the book is a novel, it is founded on truth, in more ways than one. Without ever once interfering with his course of telling a slam-bang story, Pat effectively weaves into the narrative factual data about the IRS and the Federal Reserve conspiracy and other little known aspects of American and world history. Pat's inspiration for the book was a real-life case of IRS treachery that led to the suicide of a good and decent American woman, Chavala Warman, in whose memory the book is dedicated.

    However, be warned: this is not a book for those who like to think that "our" government is good and that the IRS is just another government agency that's trying to keep our system running. ONE in a MILLION describes how a gutsy group of Americans from all walks of life, a colorful collection of hard-driving patriots, decided that it was time to turn the tables on the IRS and give it a dose of its own medicine.

    Some of the endorsements for the book are worth noting. For example, former U.S. Rep. George V. Hansen (R-Idaho), long an outspoken critic of the IRS, for which reason he was politically targeted by the Justice Department and jailed on trumped-up corruption charges that were later overturned, but only after he spent a year in prison, had this to say: "Pat Shannan uses the truth to create wonderful fiction." And Ted Gunderson, who retired as special agent in charge of the FBI office in Los Angeles, said that Shannan's book "provides an insight into the inner workings of an evil international shadow government that affects our lives on a daily basis."

    Softcover, 271 pages

    Excerpt from page 132:

    Gordon Kahl, 63, had been tracked down and shot in the back of the head in Arkansas. The remote farmhouse was torched with gasoline by federal agents. Arthur Kirk, 49, was shot in his yard by officers in Nebraska. Donald McGrath, 51, was shot and killed in his car in front of his wife and son by officers in Minnesota. Their “crimes” were all identical. They had spoken out against and had refused to pay tribute to Caesar’s new monetary policy. The federal government was laying down the ground rules for its Mafioso tactics of enforcement. Its underlying, unwritten edict was, apparently, “Obey or Die.”

    By Sharon Lee on June 29, 2001 on

    Pat Shannan uses his storytelling talent to combine mystery, suspense, truth, and history into a great novel.

    One in a Million is a historical novel filled with suppressed truths and historical facts about the hoax of the tax system. It's a gripping story of family, courage, truth, tragedy, and violent retribution.

    One in a Million is much more than a crime story. It is a priceless education of our tax system and banking system. It is a compelling, convicting, and awesome story of the hypocrisy of the Internal Revenue Service.

    I recommend One in a Million to everyone! Courageous work from a talented writer.


    Investigative journalist, author and radio show host Pat Shannan has been in pursuit of the truth for nearly half a century. Intrigued by the deception and on-going cover-up of the JFK assassination, he began to notice a similar pattern in the 1968 murders of Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy. Then he found altered and intentionally fabricated FBI official reports regarding these and other cases and began to notice the cooperative news media ignoring blatant and pertinent facts as well.

    The films of Ronald Reagan exiting the Washington Hilton clearly show Secret Service Agent Tim McCarthy being shot by someone other than John Hinckley, Jr. And what are the odds that the greatest potential beneficiary of Reagan's demise would be the close friend and business associate of John Hinckley, Sr.? Why did the wounded Reagan arrive at the hospital 15 minutes after Jim Brady, when his limo left the scene five minutes before Brady's ambulance?

    How could Arthur Bremer fire seven shots from a five-shot revolver the day he nearly killed Gov. George Wallace and three innocent bystanders in 1972? Why was Pat Tillman murdered in Afghanistan in 2004?

    Shannan has long maintained that the hidden power behind the expansion of the central government has been the unconstitutional use of legal tender that is produced at will, and herein proves his case. He also shows that government plots survive because of little or no investigation, and only through the aid of a cooperative news media can such ridiculous conspiracy theories as the 9-11 official story not only survive but thrive.



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