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    The HIDDEN FACTS behind the COVER-UPS: The uncensored TRUTH about the highest-profile MURDERS in world history . . .

    The stories behind the headlines that made news across the globe. Murderers, hit men, guru cult leaders, school shooters, and cold-blooded political killers . . . In this latest exposé by AMERICAN FREE PRESS’s no-holds-barred investigative reporter Victor Thorn, 16 of the most high-profile cases that have shocked citizens in America (and the world) for the past 50 years are tackled. We guarantee you have never seen this information assembled in one book before!

    delves into the sordid details that had previously been suppressed by official government sources and the mainstream media. More importantly, Thorn reaches conclusions that far transcend even those compiled by other conspiracy researchers. The results will make readers reevaluate not only these pivotal events of history, but also the forces that don’t shy away from bloodshed, orchestrating the deaths of presidents, politicians and public figures—all to further their nefarious agendas. Dangerous information the historians "forgot" to reveal . . . In other challenging works, Victor Thorn has chronicled the inside story of 9/11, the Waco massacre, the Oklahoma City bombing fraud, the victims of the Clinton body count, the inside story of Jonestown, and the USS Liberty massacre. Now, Thorn uncovers a treasure trove of forbidden history in a new book that shakes the foundation of our popular culture. . . .

    Be prepared to spiral down a rabbit hole that delves even deeper into a realm that most people don’t even know exists. NEW WORLD ORDER ASSASSINS teems with long-lost secrets that Big Brother thought he’d flushed down the Memory Hole. In an age of increased political correctness, Thorn isn’t afraid to address taboo subjects or slaughter the government’s most cherished sacred cows. . . .

    Softcover, 290 pages.


    CHAPTER ONE: Presidential Model: The Murder of Marilyn Monroe

    CHAPTER TWO: Mystery Man Behind Evidence of Revision

    CHAPTER THREE: Mary Pinchot Meyer

    CHAPTER FOUR: Murdering Malcolm X

    CHAPTER FIVE: Killing King

    CHAPTER SIX: Sirhan Sirhan

    CHAPTER SEVEN: Charles Manson

    CHAPTER EIGHT: Kent State Bloodbath

    CHAPTER NINE: Arthur Bremer

    CHAPTER TEN: Squeaky & Nelson

    CHAPTER ELEVEN: Son of Sam

    CHAPTER TWELVE: John Lennon

    CHAPTER THIRTEEN: John Hinckley and the ‘Bushy’ Knoll

    CHAPTER FOURTEEN: Port Arthur Massacre

    CHAPTER FIFTEEN: The Cult of Diana: DNA Princess

    CHAPTER SIXTEEN: Occult Ritual at Columbine



    Excerpt: Chapter One

    On the evening of Aug. 4, 1962 three men entered Marilyn Monroe’s residence and killed her. This tragic murder (as opposed to the suicidal overdose official historians led us to believe occurred on the morning of Aug. 5) served as the first of many high-profile political assassinations of the 1960s. In the following pages, you’ll discover the identity of these powerful figures that wanted to silence Hollywood’s most glamorous movie star. This work is primarily based upon three books: Donald H. Wolfe’s The Last Days of Marilyn Monroe, Matthew Smith’s Marilyn’s Last Words, and Milo Speriglio’s Marilyn Monroe Murder Cover-up.

    Although these men arrive at different conclusions, I’ve compiled the best evidence from all of them to reconstruct what happened to Ms. Norma Jean Baker, and why.


    When news of her death sped like a meteor from L.A. to the rest of America, Attorney General Bobby Kennedy claimed to have spent the entire weekend in San Francisco. That statement was a categorical lie.
    Initially, the San Francisco Chronicle reported on Friday, Aug. 3 that Bobby Kennedy “arrived without his usual smile and shook hands woodenly with those who welcomed him.” The reason for his preoccupation is simple: He’d been sent by his brother—President John F. Kennedy—to take care of some business that could get very messy. He most certainly didn’t look forward to it.

    Rather than stay in San Francisco, Kennedy flew south and checked in to the Beverly Hilton Hotel later Friday night. He then commenced to have dinner with Marilyn Monroe at La Scala, where the two argued about their relationship, as well as her affair with another former lover, President Kennedy. The heated exchange involved some potential information that could have sunk both brothers in a heartbeat.

    During a Friday afternoon call to close friend Robert Slatzer, Marilyn threatened, “I’m going to blow the lid off this whole damn thing! I’m going to tell everything! Everybody has been calling trying to get the story anyway—Winchell [and] Kilgallen. And it’s clear to me now that the Kennedys got what they wanted out of me and then moved on!” After pausing for a moment, she continued, “Well, I’ve told a couple of people already.”

    Marilyn made this call from a pay phone out of fear that her home lines were bugged. She had good reason to be suspicious. Kennedy enemy Jimmy Hoffa hired private eye Fred Otash to bug in-law and Rat Pack actor Peter Lawford’s Santa Monica house, which served as the Kennedy’s playground for sexual liaisons. [Lawford was married to Bobby and Jack’s sister, Patricia.] Here, Marilyn was recorded making love on different occasions with John Kennedy and later his brother, Bobby. Realizing the windfall of blackmail material at his disposal, Hoffa next hired “King of the Wiretappers” Bernard Spindel, to tap her phone and all the rooms in her newly purchased home.

    Hoffa’s “ears” weren’t the only ones present at this address. J. Edgar Hoover also had Marilyn’s house bugged, as did CIA Counterintelligence Chief James Jesus Angleton (whose name appears on a cover sheet to authorize the surveillance). In addition, Marilyn also recorded home tapes of herself free-associating about the sordid details of her complicated life. She spoke in very explicit terms about her sexual relationship with JFK.

    The reason why various researchers have been effective over the years in piecing together what happened to Marilyn is because the walls had ears (many ears)—and everybody was listening.


    Unable to adequately convince Marilyn to see things his way Friday night, RFK returned to San Francisco. He then took a helicopter back to L.A. on Saturday afternoon, landing at Fox Studios in Hollywood, where a car driven by Peter Lawford awaited. [Fox was producing a film version of his book, The Enemy Within.]

    Some prominent individuals, as well as those nearest to Marilyn, contradicted his alibi that he remained in San Francisco all weekend. L.A. Mayor Sam Yorty confirmed that Bobby was in L.A. on Aug. 4, as did future LAPD Police Chief Daryl Gates. In his book, Chief: My Life in the LAPD, he wrote, “The truth is, we knew Bobby Kennedy was in town on Aug. 4. We always knew he was here.” Marilyn’s housekeeper, Eunice Murray, also admitted years later that RFK visited Ms. Monroe’s house on Aug. 4. Her words were confirmed by handyman Norman Jeffries, who adamantly stated that RFK and Lawford arrived at Marilyn’s residence between 3 and 4 p.m.

    After clandestinely securing a room at the Beverly Hilton Hotel Saturday afternoon, Kennedy and Lawford did indeed drive to Marilyn’s home. Utilizing a different technique than the previous night (i.e., using honey instead of vinegar), Bobby first made love to Marilyn. But by this time, Marilyn had wised-up to their tactics, especially when Bobby demanded the incriminating evidence that she kept in her possession.

    As Bobby rampaged from room-to-room searching for letters, photos, and other documents, a violent struggle broke out. Slamming doors and arguing, Bobby demanded, “Where is it? Where the hell is it? I have to have it! My family will pay you for it!”

    Standing up to him, Marilyn shot back. “I’m tired of this whole damn thing, of being a plaything!”

    Panicked by their heated argument, Bobby began wailing like a falsetto-voiced old woman. “Where is it? Where is it? Where the f*** is it?”

    Instead of answering, Marilyn threatened to hold a press conference and spill the beans on them.

    Out of control, Bobby grabbed Marilyn and pushed her to the floor, bellowing, “If you threaten me, Marilyn, there’s more than one way to keep you quiet.”

    Marilyn had become a serious problem, but before she kicked Bobby and Lawford out of her house, they called Dr. Ralph Greenson (Marilyn’s personal psychiatrist) and told him to come over. He did, subsequently giving Marilyn a shot of pentobarbital to calm her nerves. By this time, Kennedy and Lawford had stormed from the premises, leaving Marilyn with Greenson until he left at 7 p.m.


    What did Bobby Kennedy so desperately seek that Marilyn wouldn’t relinquish? The answer: a little red diary that she began keeping ever since her affair with Bobby began in the summer of 1962. Marilyn kept it partly as a way of compiling notes so that she’d have political topics to discuss with her lover. The other reason, of
    course—if even on a subconscious level—was as ammunition against the brothers.

    This “book of secrets” became such a threat that a CIA document released in 1994 (dating back to the Kennedy era) categorized it as a “national security concern.” It also became a great source of interest to James Jesus Angleton. Although some have doubted its existence, individuals such as Mike Rothmiller, an LAPD officer in the Organized Crime Intelligence Division, verify its authenticity. Others do, too, such as coroner’s aide Lionel Grandison, handyman Norman Jeffries, plus long-time friend and investigator Robert Slatzer. Last but not least, Bobby learned of its existence approximately 10 days before Marilyn’s murder.

    If this diary sent him into such fits of rage, everyone most certainly wants to know: What did Marilyn write about? In addition to having a photo of President Kennedy with Chicago mob boss Sam Giancana, Marilyn’s book of secrets revealed:

    • her affairs with JFK and RFK;
    • CIA plans to assassinate Fidel Castro;
    • a host of mobsters hired by the CIA (and on their payroll);
    • Bobby Kennedy’s admission that he ran the country on the day of the Bay of Pigs disaster because JFK was ailing with a bad back and under sedation. Bobby was actually the one in charge who foiled the CIA’s operation by persuading the president to withdraw air cover— something the Agency never forgave;
    • Bobby’s plans to imprison Jimmy Hoffa;
    • their conversations about the Soviet Union;
    • atomic test secrets;
    • Frank Sinatra’s ties to the underworld;
    • Giancana and Johnny Roselli on the State Department payroll;
    • the CIA’s role in the assassination of Dominican Republic President Raphael Trujillo.

    In the days before widespread Internet access and scores of conspiracy books, this news promised to be explosive on the grandest of scales. Obviously, nobody—from the president, attorney general, CIA, FBI, and the Mob—wanted it to see the light of day, and they’d take whatever steps were necessary to conceal it. Also, although each of these factions had major disputes with each other, their one unifying goal was the danger Marilyn’s diary presented to them.

    by Dave Gahary, American Free Press

    Victor Thorn's latest book, New World Order Assassins, is perhaps his best. In fact, before I was halfway through it I remember remarking, "This is the real People's History of the United States." As the final installment of his New World Order trilogy, Thorn details scores of hidden facts in his analysis of high-profile killings of the 20th century, specifically those occurring between the years 1962 and 1999.

    In his role as an investigative reporter, Thorn proves, in this reviewer's opinion, through 16 chapters and 264 pages, that what we think we know, we do not. One conclusion is inescapable: none of these murders played out in the ways we were taught, but instead were completely orchestrated by the power elite, a New World Order hit squad, if you will.

    Thorn tackles the most notorious murders of our time, beginning with the silencing of Hollywood's platinum blonde starlet, Marilyn Monroe, and ending with the mass murder at Columbine High School.

    When Thorn tells us in Chapter 1, Presidential Model: The Murder of Marilyn Monroe, that within hours of the her murder Rat Pack actor Peter Lawford, who was married to JFK's sister, placed a frantic call at 6 a.m. to President Kennedy at the White House that lasted for 20 minutes, and that this conversation "has remained hidden due to 'national security' concerns" ever since, readers begin their wonderful ride through Thorn's rabbit hole.

    As one of the country's top conspiracy researchers, Thorn masterfully details how Monroe could never have been allowed to survive past that fateful weekend in August 1962, as she planned on "calling a press conference on Monday morning [to] blow the lid off the whole damn thing," referring of course to secrets of the Kennedy White House that she was privy to. Scores of other hidden facts in this chapter alone leave the reader with at least two undeniable conclusions: Marilyn Monroe did not overdose on drugs, but was viciously murdered to protect the philandering JFK. Secondly, the corporate mainstream media was, and still is, actively involved in this cover-up.

    Utilizing his encyclopedic knowledge, Thorn writes with the ease of a researcher who has been immersed in this esoteric genre for over 20 years. Each chapter incorporates scores of suppressed facts that allow readers to easily identify common threads running through all of them. Thorn also provides a glossary of terms that helps illuminate similarities and patterns that touch all of these murders, i.e. the tools of the trade of these secret death squads.

    This glossary includes "arrests" shortly before the event, "lurkers" (the same murky faces in the shadows from The Bay of Pigs to 9/11), and "mind control" techniques like hypnosis and brainwashing performed on the patsies. Through this glossary, Thorn introduces the reader to an entirely new way of viewing these important events while at the same time making a mockery of the pre-packaged, censored 'news' spewed from a corrupt, corporate media that is far too easily swallowed by so many in this country.

    On each significant event - Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Sirhan Sirhan, John Lennon, Princess Diana, Son of Sam and many others - Thorn categorically proves that everything we know is wrong. Particularly disturbing to even seasoned students of conspiracy, Thorn's chapter on Charles Manson puts his thesis to work: these New World Order murderers will do almost anything to keep the power elite propped up and their war machine humming.

    Thorn shows that Manson's murder spree, orchestrated by his New World Order puppet masters, served the purpose of turning United States' opinion against the peace movement while insuring many more years of war profits for the power elites. The plan even included a ploy to involve the country's tiny but powerful Jewish minority: This may explain why Manson carved a Swastika into his forehead and equated "himself with Adolph Hitler, generating immediate sympathy for the Jews."

    The chapter on Manson allows Thorn to prove a central point of his research: "Global politics is nothing more than a vast organized crime syndicate."

    If you're already in tune with how history is really shaped, you can't go wrong adding Thorn's latest to your library. For those readers who haven't yet swallowed the 'red pill' as Morpheus explained to Neo in the motion picture film "The Matrix," grab a glass of water and join Thorn in his rabbit hole. He's waiting for you, as are thousands of hidden facts screaming for your attention.


    by John Tiffany, AFP Council Courier

    It's difficult to view 'official' history through any prism of credibility after reading Victor Thorn's New World Order Assassins. Time and time again it becomes clear-through Thorn's meticulous research-that collusion between the government and mainstream media forces results in nothing more than bald-faced lies used to cover up the murders of presidents, civil rights leaders, protesters and other pop-culture figures who somehow presented a possible challenge to the ruling elite. Spanning the past 50 years through some of America's most turbulent times, Thorn provides an alternative view of pivotal events such as the Kent State massacre that is not only informative, but also entertaining as well. Once I turned the first page, I found it hard to set the book down.

    As each chapter unfolded-from Marilyn Monroe's unsettling 'suicide' to a mystery man who accumulated hours of extremely rare footage associated with the JFK assassination-Thorn amazes with his breadth of obscure data and bombshell revelations. It didn't take long before I realized that a thread was being woven through each of these traumatic events.

    In this sense, New World Order Assassins operates on numerous levels by connecting not only the victims, but also those who ultimately directed these world-changing murders. While compromised television newsmen continue, even to this day, to blame these murderous acts on disaffected 'lone nuts,' there's no doubt that an intricate web of illusion has been woven to protect the responsible parties (i.e., those with blood on their hands).

    Whether examining the crosshairs placed on the head of John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, John Lennon or Malcolm X, this book proves that the same cabal of globalist evil-doers was behind the successful or unsuccessful plots to eliminate these men. And, unlike other authors or broadcasters who merely speak in general terms without getting specific (e.g., the 'Illuminati' did it), Thorn unflinchingly names the guilty parties, from J. Edgar Hoover all the way up to the criminal state of Israel.

    On a final note, prior to reading New World Order Assassins, I finished another AFP publication, Pat Shannan's Everything They* Ever Told Me Was a Lie. This book complements NWO Assassins, even though it uses a variance in approach, and even wider ranging subject matter. These authors provide a new look at 20th century history. But remember, Shannan and Thorn have minds of their own and aren't afraid to enter uncharted territory.

    In a cyberworld where all of us are inundated with an overabundance of information, it's refreshing to read a book that focuses with such laser-like intensity.

    Rather than straying off on tangents, Thorn never deviates from his goal at hand, which is to expose the New World Order elite who-when threatened-don't hesitate in killing those who could potentially undermine their nefarious agenda. After finishing this book, I'll forever view history through a different lens.

    Victor Thorn founded Sisyphus Press in the fall of 2000. He is the author of 54 different works, including 30 books, 19 chapbooks, as well as five anthologies for which he served as editor. He has published the works of numerous writers in the alternative media such as Michael Collins Piper, Adam Gorightly, Lisa Guliani, Mark Glenn, John Kaminski, Joan d’Arc, Pete Papaherakles, Carl Robinson, and Pat Shannan, while also producing five CD-ROMs and DVDs, one of which is a five-disc collection that covers the John F. Kennedy Assassination (Evidence of Revision). Thorn’s political articles have appeared in various newspapers around the country. He also freelanced for magazines such as Paranoia and The Barnes Review.

    In February 2001, Thorn founded Babel magazine, an online publication that ran until early 2004 and featured some of the first articles devoted to the 9/11 conspiracy.

    One of his books, The New World Order Exposed, was translated and published in Japan in 2006, while 9/11 on Trial has been republished by Progressive Press, and was also released in France to coincide with the fifth anniversary of 9/11.

    After co-hosting The Victor Thorn Show on the Reality Radio Network from 2002-2003, in February 2004 he co-founded WING TV (World Independent News Group), a daily Internet television and radio talk show viewed in over 100 countries worldwide. In addition, he was a weekly investigative reporter for American Free Press from 2007 until his death in 2016, while serving as AFP’s assignment editor in 2011.

    Thorn made hundreds of different radio appearances (including Coast-to-Coast AM and The Lionel Show on WOR 710 in New York City) and has done weekly one-hour news updates on Alex Merklinger’s Mysteries of the Mind, while also appearing weekly on Vyzygoth’s From the Grassy Knoll and Frank Whalen’s Frankly Speaking Radio.

    Thorn was an avid political activist who spoke at the OKC Bombing 10th anniversary, as well as before the America First Party. He also protested in six different states, not to mention at Ground Zero on several occasions and in front of the White House in Washington, D.C.


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