The MONTANA FREEMEN: The Untold Story of Government Suppression and The News Media Cover-Up

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    Dan Rather called them a “hate group” and Ted Koppel “racist hustlers.” They were labeled “domestic terrorists” by the mainstream news media. But the truth was that the Montana Freemen came closer to exposing the fraud within the Federal Reserve System than anyone ever had since the bank’s doors first opened in 1913.

    Why did Attorney General Janet Reno really send a total of 600 FBI agents to surround the farming area in central Montana in a siege that lasted 81 days? And why were the Freemen never allowed to use their own papers at trial? This evidence disappeared forever when the Garfield County, Montana courthouse in Jordan mysteriously burned to the ground later that year.

    Pat Shannan spent a total of 18 days in Montana during that 1996 standoff at the behest of The Spotlight newspaper, and the result was a book unlike any other written on the topic before or since.

    Softcover, 109 pages

    Excerpt from page 40:

    Dr. Eugene Schroeder, who may have done more research on the general subject than any other living American, says that the liens and drafts the Freemen have created are precisely what the Federal Reserve Bank has created since the creation of legal tender in 1933. “They have been doing this for 63 years,” Dr. Schroeder told me in his office at the American Agriculture Movement on June 19. “The federal government, since the enacting of the Emergency War Powers Act [on March 9, 1933], has been doing the same blasted thing. What is the difference? They write mortgages and liens on the American people and then deposit those liens into the Federal Reserve Bank. The Freemen write liens on the agents of government, deposit the liens in their own bank, and write checks on the proceeds. What is the difference? If what they are doing is unlawful, then what the FED has been doing all along is unlawful. Let’s bring it to the surface. I’m as anxious as they are to see the truth.”


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