EXPLODING MIDDLE EAST MYTHS: 15 Years of Fighting Zionist Propaganda

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    For more than 65 years, since its creation in 1948, the state of Israel has carefully controlled what the Western world knows about the Zionist state. As a result, what we have received from the mainstream media is reams of propaganda and little truth when it comes to the racist and bellicose state. Against this backdrop of censored 'news,' one gutsy journalist took a dangerous stand and instead has been telling the truth about Israel for the last 15 years.

    In this collection of powerful essays by Canadian writer and researcher Greg Felton, you'll see the real Israel: brutal treatment of Palestinians, blatant disregard for Christians and Muslims, and parasitic control over foreign governments, especially the U.S. Sure to make you smile and seethe at the same time, Felton's trademark wit and wisdom will guide you through carefully crafted propaganda, correcting the historical record along the way.

    Felton has assembled a myth-smashing collection of essays targeting media cover-up and misinformation and misdirection about Israel and the problems of the Middle East and has laid bare the truth about the blunt political force, blackmail and intimidation that Israel and its network use to achieve their aims.

    Softcover, 228 pages



    Israeli Jews must choose between nation and state • Israel can’t hide from its history forever • Apartheid by any name is still wrong • Israel: a monument to anti-Semitism • Hamas—a principled defender of Palestine • Zionists sabotage anti-fascist boycott—again • History triumphs over pseudo-history—a response to Edwin Black • Tehran gives world leaders a history lesson they’d rather forget • Those interested in Palestine should study Canaanite history, not Jewish mythology • One. Two. Three. Four—What the hell are we remembering for? • Remembrances of things past present an ethical dilemma • Israel can’t win a war against itself • Even after 40 years,Abba Eban’s great fraud defines the official version of the 1967 War • The world marks 60 years of Zionist terror made possible by a corrupt U.S. president • Address by UN Secretary–General Ban Ki-Moon on the 60th Anniversary of Israel’s Admission • In a corrupt world, nothing succeeds like satire!

    PART 2: PALESTINE AND BEYOND          65

    Gazans finally win, but their tormentors get all the attention • Arafat ignored as the world honors Israel’s counterfeit peacemaker • Israel’s willing executioners blindly follow the sociopath of least resistance • Abu Ghraib and Falluja—a familiar kind of terror • Saddam Hussein—a former ally lynched by the Bush crime family • Hariri assassination coverage gives readers the hole story • Palestine’s gain is Lebanon’s pain • Preconceptions hobble understanding of Iran.


    National Post impaled on its own hubris • Nobody has the right to spread slander, libel or bigotry in the name of freedom of speech • Israel’s propagandists shoot themselves in the foot as they shoot off their mouths • Bombastic, bullying and preposterous—Netanyahu epitomizes the toxic hasbarat • In Palestine, peace can be a dangerous addiction • Zionism’s willing dissemblers abet Palestinian misery • Associated Press more a news filter than a news source • Globe and Mail’s anti-Hamas editorial reveals plagiarism, prejudice and Israeli servitude • Editor-in- Chief excuses defamation, plagiarism • Globe resorts to disreputable ‘Dershowitz Defense’ • To bring about political climate change we must face many inconvenient truths • Isramerica pits Palestinian against Palestinian and watches the bloody spectacle with glee.


    Lies, damn lies, and lynching the truth • U.S. political and cultural depravity now playing at a theatre near you • Beware of Greek movies bearing bad history and jingoistic subtexts • Hollywood’s most misunderstood genre deserves its own award category • “Oscar Preview” with Lance Boyle • Hawaii Five-0 goes under the political knife.


    Internet outflanks Zionists’ Maginot Line • To speak: perchance to be expelled—ay, there’s the rub! • York University’s Zionist star chamber fails to intimidate student, professor • ‘Smoking gun’ fax proves The Lobby directed defamation of Jewish professor at York U. • Honorable Jews must be neither seen nor heard • The New York Times: ‘All the misinformation fit to print’ • Newsweek—your source for yellow-bellied journalism • Nobody expects the Jewish Inquisition! • Our craven, incurious media treats the show trial of Zacarias Moussaoui as news instead of farce • Freedom of thought has no meaning for those who prefer the prison of their own prejudices • America—land of the freak, home of the depraved • New York Times cover-up of Park51- related anti-Muslim attack? • ‘By way of intimidation, thou shalt do war’— the slogan of The Lobby’s thought police • ‘By way of defamation, thou shalt do war’—the slogan of The Lobby’s propagandists • Memo to The Lobby’s media tyrants: defamation is not protected speech • Although he’d be the first black president, don’t expect Obama to abolish slaver y • Human Rights Tribunals neither good nor bad—just necessary, unfortunately • To read, perchance to comprehend—that is the question • Frightened, ignorant and distracted— that’s how the media want us to act. Canada’s Adbusters magazine and the Israel Lobby • The Canadian Jewish Congress hates our freedoms • Michael Ignatieff ’s crime and punishment shows real face of Canada’s government.

    Part Five

    I am particularly proud of this column, written for the Canadian Arab News, because it caused B’nai Brith Canada to demand that the paper be investigated for promoting “anti-Semitism.” The Edmonton City police, of course, found nothing actionable.

    Internet outflanks Zionists’ Maginot Line
    (Dec. 3, 2003)
    GIVEN THEIR INFLUENCE in government and media, one would think that North American Zionists would feel rather contented. For example:

    • Media and government both genuflect before the canonical verities of “Israel’s right to exist,”“anti-Semitism” and “the six million”;
    • Palestinian victims make up 75% of deaths, but Jewish deaths account for 75% of media coverage;
    • Muslims are said to commit “terror attacks,” whereas Israeli soldiers commit “incursions”;
    • anti-Israeli comments are vehemently denounced, whereas anti-Muslim comments are often ignored or downplayed; and
    • general reporting about the Middle East is reactive, free of any historical context that could embarrass Israel or challenge basic Zionist myths.

    This comfort zone should be especially wide in Canada, where the Asper family’s newspapers and television stations disseminate pro-Israel/anti-Arab agitprop to more than 97% of English-speaking households.

    Even the Globe and Mail, Canada’s national newspaper, presents an Israel-friendly face, albeit of the softer Labour-Zionist variety.

    Only the CBC and print columnists like Eric Margolis and Rick Salutin are brave enough to put journalism ahead of jingoism, but even they keep criticism of Israel within limits. Nevertheless, Zionists are clearly disturbed. For all of their clout, they have lost credibility and influence, especially among younger Canadians.

    It used to be that a “Maginot Line” of media filters and propagandists successfully prevented North Americans from learning what most of the world knew about Israeli sadism and Palestinian suffering.This information jamming was necessary to prop up the fiction of Israeli/Jewish victimhood so that Jews and Christians would feel no qualms about giving money to prop up the Zionist state. No civilized person would willingly give money to help an expansionist colonial empire wage unprovoked war on an occupied civilian population.

    When the World Wide Web went live in 1993, however, the Maginot Line became obsolete. Anyone with an Internet connection could by- pass the Zionist gatekeepers to read unfiltered reports about the Middle East. Thanks to the BBC, The Guardian, The Independent, Agence- France Presse and al-Jazeera, Canadians have become well informed about the Middle East, and inured to the official media diet of propaganda and half-truths.

    Nobody with an IQ above room temperature seriously believes that the Palestinians are to blame for the violence, that Israel is a democracy, or that the Israeli military is a humane occupier. Some of the best evidence for this populist enlightenment is found in the letters section of newspapers and callers to radio talk shows. Time was, a pro-Palestinian voice was as rare as a vegetarian at a barbecue. Now, they dominate the debate and Israel apologists are routinely pummeled.

    Take the strange case of Vancouver writer Pat Johnson, a reporter for the Jewish Western Bulletin who wrote a November 8 commentary piece for the Vancouver Sun condemning the November 9 worldwide day of protest against Israel’s Apartheid Wall:

    “This year’s 65th anniversary holds particular poignancy because many Jews around the world feel isolated and vilified by the tenor of criticism aimed at Israel. If tomorrow’s ‘day of action’ is anything like similar events in the past, we will hear critics of Israel equate the policies of Ariel Sharon’s government with those of the Nazis.We might see, as we have previously, signs equating the Star of David with the swastika.

    “The language and imagery used against Israel in this ‘debate’ have become increasingly extreme and cavalier. When concerned Canadians express the view that the anti-Israel rhetoric comes alarmingly close to traditional anti-Semitism, these worries are dismissed as either wrong or inflated.”

    This shameless display of cognitive dissonance and outright dishonesty demonstrates the new defensiveness that pervades the Zionist propaganda machinery—deny reality and attack those who know the truth.

    Every point that Johnson tries to disparage or dismiss is in fact a truth. Israel is doing to the Palestinians what the Third Reich did to European Jewry. For example, in January 1998 Jewish violinist Lord Yehudi Menuhin made this exact point to the French newspaper Le Figaro: “It is extraordinary how nothing ever dies completely. Even the evil which prevailed yesterday in Nazi Germany is gaining ground in that country [Israel] today.”

    For that matter, it’s well known that the Zionist Jews who built Israel openly colluded with the Nazis at the expense of untold numbers of Yiddisher Jews.

    The equation of anti-Israeli rhetoric with “anti-Semitism” is also easily refuted. In New York, Hasidic Jews openly equate Zionism with Nazism, and consider the state of Israel to be a blasphemy. Are these people anti- Semitic? (Of course this epithet has no meaning, since Arabs are also a Semitic people.)

    All Johnson did was regurgitate hoary fictions that the Internet had long since debunked. He made no attempt to research his facts, or present an in- formed point of view, as three letter writers succinctly pointed out four days later.You see, November 9 happened to be the 14th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, which was the reason for the demonstration. Johnson’s entire piece was a rant at an imaginary affront that maligned innocent people.

    Yet this is the depth to which Zionists have sunk—if they cannot find a legitimate cause to argue, they invent one. All that matters is that they turn up the volume on the Jewish Holocaust to drown out the reality that is gradually redefining North American attitudes.

    In a postscript to his piece, we learn that Johnson is writing a book on Canadian attitudes towards the Middle East. From this sample of his writing, one can only imagine the rigor of scholarship that will go into this tome.

    To quote a popular phrase, “The truth is out there,” and no amount of dissembling, dishonesty or denial can alter that fact. Nevertheless, we may always have people like Pat Johnson who will march a post on the Maginot Line to defend a point of view that was never defensible in a battle that is already lost.
    Greg Felton is an investigative journalist specializing in the Middle East, Canadian politics, the media and language. He holds a Master's Degree in political science from the University of British Columbia and speaks French, Russian and Mandarin. For six years he wrote a political column for the monthly Arabic/English Canadian Arab News, and his articles have appeared on whatreallyhappened.com, informationclearinghouse.info, rense.com, dissidentvoice.com,  and in Middle East Times, Tehran Times, and other publications.


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