RESTORING AMERICAN FREEDOM: A Primer for a Constitutionalist Congress

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    Countless books have been written exposing the many serious problems that are threatening our freedom. If we are ever to solve these problems, numerous laws must be changed. Thus, Congress is the institution that must take the lead.

    This book offers a plan for Congress to do just that. Many of our ruling establishment’s sacred cows are targeted. The Constitution’s 10th Amendment and its checks and balances will be heavily utilized by patriots. By 2014, we will be well on our way down the road to recovery. It can be done.

    Softcover, 100 pages

    Alan B. Jones is a recently retired electrical engineer, having worked for a major U. S. manufacturing firm for over 40 years. He was "bitten by the political bug back in the Goldwater days," and once ran for office himself, for State Senator on a third party ticket, but has not otherwise been in the public spotlight.


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