Tesla Versus Superman

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    This rare, digitally restored full-feature cartoon features Superman in his first animated movie (1942). Here he battles Nikola Tesla, portrayed as an evil “mad scientist”—while he was still alive!

    Animated by the award-winning Max and Dave Fleischer Studios, it demonstrates how the genius inventor Tesla was portrayed as an evil character by the mainstream media, thus making the subsequent suppression of his inventions that much easier.

    Includes great drive-in commercials and previews plus rare trailers for Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi films The Invisible Ray, Radar Men From the Moon, The Mysterious Mr. M and more.

    A great full-length cartoon movie filled with Tesla technology and a must for Tesla fans! Transferred from a mint-quality 35mm film print and digitally enhanced.

    Who could possibly stop Tesla and his gang of henchmen from taking over Metropolis and the world? Probably only the man from Krypton. A whole lot of fun, but also you’ll see how Hollywood deftly forms public opinion.

    DVD, 87 minutes


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