Disaster Preparedness for EMP Attacks and Solar Storms

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    What would happen if terrorists detonated a nuclear device high above the United States? What about if the Sun emitted a large coronal mass ejection that resulted in a damaging geomagnetic storm? In either case, electrical power could be lost for months. Shortages would quickly ensue—food, water, and fuel would disappear within days. Widespread panic and suffering would be unavoidable. Are you prepared for these large-scale disasters?

    This book will help you to prepare for two end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it (TEOTWAWKI) events: the EMP attack and the solar storm. Each threat is carefully studied with analyses of its likelihood and potential impacts on our nation’s critical infrastructures. Practical preparations are outlined, including steps to meet the fourteen basic needs in the absence of modern utilities, and the use of Faraday cages and uninterruptible power supplies to protect personal electronics

    Several techniques for constructing ad hoc Faraday cages are presented. The shielding effectiveness of homemade Faraday cages is measured and compared, including metal garbage cans, foil-wrapped boxes, fire safes, static bags, ammo cans, and microwave ovens. Finally, a low-cost method of constructing a room-sized Faraday cage is presented. The Expanded Edition includes 25 additional pages with discussions of how to establish your own micro-infrastructures, such as food, water, and electricity. Also, the susceptibility and protection of personal automobiles is presented.

    Softcover, 114 pages

    Excerpt from the Introduction:

    This book was written to provide well-researched insight into two very real threats: the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack and the solar storm. Many people mistakenly believe that these threats were dreamed up by overzealous survivalists who are always panning for the end of the world. On the contrary, both threats are not only viable but arguably certain. It is only when that remains in question.

    Certainly, there are numerous countries and terrorist groups that could initiate an EMP attack. A single nuclear warhead detonated at the right altitude could cause more than a trillion dollars in damage (both to personal property and infrastructure) and leave much of our nation without electrical power. That is a temptation that would be difficult for our enemies to pass up given the right opportunity. High-level politicians have been briefed on the threat through councils and official inquiries, but they have, as of yet, taken little definitive action to protect our nation.

    Likewise, solar storms are happening every day. The Earth was recently missed by a couple of very large coronal mass ejections that could have severely disrupted our electrical grid. Imagine trying to live in our country without electrical power for months while repairs are being made. Power companies are keenly aware of their vulnerability, but the costs are simply too high to make the necessary improvements. Instead, they are hoping that the early warning satellites that NASA  is putting into place will provide ample time to shut off the power grid before extensive damage can occur. According to most experts, however, current satellite systems may not provide adequate warning.

    Now is the time to give serious thought to these threats. There’s nothing to suggest that either will occur tomorrow—then again, I can't say that they won’t. My suggestion is to include these threats as part of your broader disaster preparedness (DP) plan. Specifically, think about how you can establish micro-infrastructures (e.g., food, water, power, fuel, communication, etc.) to replace those that would likely be lost. Rolling those preparations into a broad DP plan will make you better prepared for a wide range of threats.

    Dr. Arthur Bradley holds a doctorate in engineering from Auburn University and currently works for NASA. Having lived all across the United States, he writes from personal experience about preparing for a wide variety of disasters, including earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, house fires, massive snowstorms, electromagnetic pulse attacks, and solar storms. He has been featured in The New York Times, Money, Toronto Sun, and numerous radio shows.

    Dr. Bradley subscribes to the philosophy that preparedness should always be motivated by love and concern, never by fear and paranoia. His practical approach to family preparedness has received widespread praise from individuals, emergency preparedness groups, and religious organizations. He is the author of several highly acclaimed books on disaster preparedness, including the Handbook to Practical Disaster Preparedness for the Family, Disaster Preparedness for EMP Attacks and Solar Storms, and the Prepper’s Instruction Manual. He conducts free seminars around the world, teaching individuals and families how to establish effective disaster preparedness plans.


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