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    American policy in the Middle East, if left unchecked, will not only destroy the Middle East, it will eventually destroy America. The bogus war on terror and the wars on Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen and Pakistan have cost U.S. taxpayers $5 trillion so far—and counting.

    At the crux of the problem is the relationship between the Israelis and the Palestinians. If you are genuinely curious about what goes on in the Holy Land and want to know why “they” hate us, then read the book. If you see that the Arabs are always portrayed as vicious terrorists and wonder why, here is the answer. If you are curious as to what the Palestinian people actually experience on a day-to-day basis, then you will learn a lot in this book written by Jenifer Dixon, a woman who has been to the Holy Land numerous times and lived side-by-side with the oppressed people who call it home.

    Softcover, 187 pages

    Americans assume that suicide bombers are driving the “Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” And yet the death toll of Palestinians in the last four years is six times greater than that of the Israelis. This is true if you are counting civilians only, or counting both civilians and combatants. The number of wounded is more than seven times greater among the Palestinians than it is among the Israelis.

    In the year 2004, the death toll of Palestinian children was actually 22 times higher than that of Israeli children. There were 179 Palestinian children killed as compared to eight Israeli children, but the media would have you believe that the figures are reversed. Do not believe it. In a detailed study of The New York Times in 2004, it was discovered that they reported the deaths of Israelis at a rate 3.6 times their reporting on the deaths of Palestinians. The Times covered the deaths of Israeli children 7.3 times as much as they did the deaths of Palestinian kids. For the other media, the distortion was even greater.

    The major networks reported on the deaths of Israeli children up to 13 times as much as they reported on the deaths of Palestinian children, revealing a purposeful bias designed to brainwash viewers.

    But the death toll is only part of the story. Palestine, or the meager part of it that is left—that which is supposed to have been “given” to the Palestinians for their state—is being destroyed and/or stolen on a daily basis by the occupying Israeli military and by illegal Israeli settlers. Land is confiscated; olive trees uprooted; homes demolished; political activists targeted and murdered; and honest journalists gunned down as they attempt to cover these incidents.

    The economy is intentionally undermined by the Israeli policy of closure and curfew. Restrictive legislation against the Arab Israelis in Israel proper makes it difficult for them to function. Arbitrary arrest and torture in the Occupied Territories make the lives of Palestinians a constant torment.

    Years of distorted coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has led most Americans to believe that it is the violence of Palestinians that prevents their dream of a state. In fact, it is a policy of the government of Israel. This policy is nothing short of genocide.

    While American media covers the minutiae of the so-called peace process, Israel continues to consolidate its control over the West Bank. How it does so is described in my new book, The Holy Land Unveiled.

    I spoke to businessmen and Palestinian National Authority officials and employees of non-governmental organizations. I also spoke to cabdrivers, waiters and families in refugee camps. I spoke with mothers and fathers and people who had spent time in Israeli prisons. My statistics were garnered from human rights organizations, some of them Israeli. I saw it all with my own eyes.

    It is important for Americans to come to grips with the truth about this situation. Our extremely biased policy toward Israel and our unwillingness to see the results are undermining our credibility in the Middle East—and everywhere else. More importantly, it enables Israel to make the lives of Palestinians a living hell (those who are not shot).

    They are a people worn out by the daily struggle for survival against all odds. As it is unlikely that the status quo will change, it is equally unlikely that the future for Palestinians will improve unless Americans can read the truth.

    I hope you will take the time to read this book and to think about them. In a democracy such as ours, the responsibility for foreign policy ultimately rests with the people.

    For this reason it is important that Americans have a greater understanding of one of the most long-lived conflicts that is uniquely affected by American foreign policy. Only then can we all help save the people of the Holy Land from genocide.

    —Jenifer Dixon


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