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    “Fifty years later, it’s still the same old Military/Industrial complex, the same powers still calling the shots, still threatening, still trying to keep us from the truth. A lone gunman, a magic bullet? Wake up!”

    —Jesse Ventura
    After half a century, the conspiracy is no theory . . .

    The 21st century writers who refer to a singular Lee Harvey Oswald distort their own content and deceive their readers with antiquated data. The John F. Kennedy assassination and the people’s deception over the past half-century is the classic example of disinformation, as it actually was probably the most efficiently performed coup d’etat and cover-up in world history.

    At around 11:30 a.m. on November 22, 1963, Julia Ann Mercer was stalled momentarily in traffic at Dealey Plaza and saw a man emerge from a car carrying a rifle case in front of the grassy knoll, just 50 yards west of the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD). It was driven by a man that she later identified as Jack Ruby, after his picture was plastered on TV to the world two days later.

    On November 20 and 22, while “Lee Harvey Oswald” was working at the TSBD, he was identified by multiple witnesses at the Dobbs House Restaurant, the Top Ten Record Store in Oak Cliff and the Jiffy Store on Industrial Boulevard. He was also positively identified as being seated with Jack Ruby after midnight, some 10 hours after he was jailed on November 22.

    Moments after Officer J.D. Tippitt was shot dead, detectives conveniently found a wallet containing the ID cards of both Lee Harvey Oswald and Alek Hidell. Also found on the street were five ejected .38 caliber shell casings. When Harvey was arrested in the Texas Theater some 40 minutes later, he was carrying a .38 revolver which, of course, does not eject its shells. Astonishing to detectives, Harvey was also carrying in his wallet at the same time the exact two ID cards.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg in the case of the “two Oswalds.”

    Inside The JFK Assassination and the Uncensored Story of the Two Oswalds by Pat Shannan you will see for yourself the mountain of forensics and photographic evidence proving that there were two Oswalds, the truth of which leads us to even more attempted cover-ups.

    Softcover, 158 pages

    I would like to recommend a new book, The JFK Assassination and the Uncensored Story of the Two Oswalds by Pat Shannan. It is essentially a synopsis of John Armstrong's massive tome, Harvey and Lee. You may know that the earlier book is over 1000 pages long and costs many hundreds of dollars. So, for those who would like to get the gist of it without spending so much time and money, there is Pat’s book.

    Pat has a close working relationship with John Armstrong, and one of the chapters (on the Tippit murder) was written directly by Armstrong. There is also a chapter by Jim Marrs on the mysterious deaths of JFK witnesses.

    I am a strong advocate of the Armstrong theory of the two Oswalds. I am drawn by all the circumstantial evidence that he cites: dual schools, dual addresses, witness testimonies, such as the people from New Orleans and Fort Worth who knew different Oswalds, Laura Kittrell, one of the Texas Employment Commission personnel who interviewed both Oswalds, the school psychiatrist from New York City when both boys were there, and more. Then there is all the info about the two different Marguerites; one being very short and quite old (with whom we are familiar) and the other being tall and glamorous and much younger.

    But the thing that convinces me the most is this is the utter impossibility of Oswald having taught himself Russian. The official story has it that he went to Japan in early 1956 sans any Russian and came back in September, 1959; and when he showed up at El Toro Air Station in California in December 1959, he was already well-versed in Russian: speaking it, reading it, the works. And to this day, people try to defend the idea that he just got out a few books and started studying on his own. The truth is there is not even any evidence of that. Two of his Marine buddies from Japan, Zack Stout and George Wilkins, said he never did anything with Russian or even mentioned any desire to learn it while over there. They tried to speak to the Warren Commission but were turned down.

    John Armstrong (and Pat Shannan) say that the Oswald we know never even went to Japan, that he was an East European native whose first language was Russian, that he may have been an orphan who was brought over here after WW2, as many were. And when it was observed that he bore a close physical match to another boy, a native American boy Lee Oswald, a decision was made to merge their identities in preparation for a false defector program which did transpire.

    But, there is more in this book than just a synopsis of Armstrong’s ideas. Pat is a tenacious investigative reporter. He had a close friendship with Madeleine Browne (LBJ’s longtime mistress with whom he had a son) and through Madeleine he met Marina Oswald. Did you know, for instance, that Marina Oswald reported that she was sexually abused—nightly, for months on end—by Secret Service agents or FBI agents or both?

    For me, Pat uncovered a lot of interesting facts. Did you know that George Applin, one of the Texas Theater witnesses, reported that sitting some rows behind Oswald in the theater at the time of his arrest was Jack Ruby? George was adamant about that until his death, which came early. That’s right; he is listed as one of the many mysterious JFK deaths.

    Dr. Ralph Cinque is a nutritionist and chiropractor in Houston, Texas.

    In recent years he founded the Oswald Innocence Project.

    Investigative journalist, author and radio show host Pat Shannan has been in pursuit of the truth for nearly half a century. Intrigued by the deception and on-going cover-up of the JFK assassination, he began to notice a similar pattern in the 1968 murders of Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy. Then he found altered and intentionally fabricated FBI official reports regarding these and other cases and began to notice the cooperative news media ignoring blatant and pertinent facts as well.

    The films of Ronald Reagan exiting the Washington Hilton clearly show Secret Service Agent Tim McCarthy being shot by someone other than John Hinckley, Jr. And what are the odds that the greatest potential beneficiary of Reagan's demise would be the close friend and business associate of John Hinckley, Sr.? Why did the wounded Reagan arrive at the hospital 15 minutes after Jim Brady, when his limo left the scene five minutes before Brady's ambulance?

    How could Arthur Bremer fire seven shots from a five-shot revolver the day he nearly killed Gov. George Wallace and three innocent bystanders in 1972? Why was Pat Tillman murdered in Afghanistan in 2004?

    Shannan has long maintained that the hidden power behind the expansion of the central government has been the unconstitutional use of legal tender that is produced at will, and herein proves his case. He also shows that government plots survive because of little or no investigation, and only through the aid of a cooperative news media can such ridiculous conspiracy theories as the 9-11 official story not only survive but thrive.


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