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    The critical information available in this book destroys the hoax of the 6 million Jewish victims of Nazi Germany and exposes the enormous cover-up involved in the Warren Commission Report on the assassination of the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy.

    This volume confirms the
    involvement of hundreds of individuals and several government agencies in the assassination. The 95+ selective photos and illustrations visually enrich the stories.

    publisher, Jon Larsen Shudlick, a former Army chief investigator and popular Florida radio DJ has endorsed the book. In The Holocaust Never Happened and the CIA Killed Kennedy author Jorgen Lars Rasmussen, a World War II veteran, brings to light empirical evidence never before written about the bizarre circumstances surrounding the U.S. government and its unnecessary entry into its many wars of the last 100 years and LOTS MORE.

    Softcover, 135 pages

    Table of Contents

    The Holocaust Never Happened

    The Sinking of the Lusitania, 1915

    Who Started World War II

    The Real Holocaust

    The Great Conspiracy


    Why is America Now Under Attack?

    The CIA Killed JFK

    The JFK Murder and George HW Bush's Connection, Nixon Staffer E. Howard Hunt's Confession

    The Murder of Mary Pinchot Meyer

    The Truth?

    Middle East Conflict


    Islamo-Fascist -- Christian-Zionist

    The Ashkenazim

    Duel U.S./Israel Citizenship - A Debacle for Public Policy

    Some Communist Rules for the Destruction of the United States

    666 - The Conspiracy Unraveled

    Where the Number Six Million Originated

    Thomas Woodrow Wilson

    Zionist Gas Chamber Hoax

    General Orders No. 11 - Ulysses S. Grant

    Audit of the Federal Reserve Reveals $16 Trillion in Secret Bailouts

    World's Best Countries to the Born In For 2013


    The Fiscall Cliff: A Diversion

    Was There Really a Holocaust?

    What About Real Holocausts?

    Media Lists and Recommended Reading - How do we learn more about conspiracies and what the truth really is?

    Attention!!! Conspiracy Buffs and Truth Seekers - Conspiracy Start Up Kit and Special Offers

    Excerpt from the Introduction.

    The author and publisher of this critical manuscript both realize the controversial nature of these topics. Therefore, we suggest and request that you research these subjects on your own with all due diligence.

    A most important aspect of education tht our government educational system is remiss from emphasizing is the concept of thinking critically or critical thinking. Critical thinking means you question what you hear and read. Teaching itself should help you understand how to hink, not what to think. Asking questions like who, what, where, when, why or how after reading a subject and then interperting on your own, leads you to thinking critically or critical thinking. Today with vast information available at your fingertips through the Internet, Wikipedia, CD's, books, magazines, a variety of newspapers, journals and so many different points of reference there is really no reason not to be knowledgeable about any topic you wish to pursue.

    Unfortunately, the present social engineering educational agenda is unacceptable, inferior and a complete failure. Our governmental education system has plunged our country into third world status, falling from a rank of 4th among industrialized nations to 34th!!! My friend, author, Jim Anderson, states, "Our country has become nothing more than a third world country with the bomb." If you use your own ability to think critically and follow up on topics important to you and your future you can be much more confident in your own ideas and attitudes. With that knowledge and self-reliance you can achieve unlimited success.

    The Holocaust Never Happened

    Certainly Hitler hated the Jews and he probably did imprison most of them who were in Germany during World War II. He used them as slave labor to support Germany's war effort, imprison most of them who were in Germany during World War II. He used them as slave labor to support Germany's war effort, in which they played a critical role according to Albert Speer, Hitler's Reich Minister for War Production Armaments. And in the last year or two of the war he might very well have approved the extermination of some thousands of them in Nazi concentration camps. But not six million of them, not even any single digit percentage of that number of them. he and the Nazis and the German military were too busy trying to hold back the Russian army which was overruning Europe during those last two years of teh war... too busy to assemble, exterminate and dispose of the bodies of six million persons... a gigantic logistical project... at a time when the German railoads, transport system and highways were in ruins under constant attack by allied bombers. Much as they may have wished to do was just too big a task for the Nazis to have carried out in the last two years of the war.

    But the most convincing argument against the Holocaust ever having happened to 6 million Jews, is the existence of Israel...with its population of 4 million Yiddish-speaking Jews, all of whom were born in Europe, not in Palestine, where they now reside and are now demanding Israeli expansion throughout the Middle East for the creation of "Eretz Israel," something which never existed at any time in the history of the Middle East.

    Before World War II Palestine was an Arab Islamic region. How did all those millions of European Jews come to Palestine?

    Thoseof us who are old enough to remember the pictures in the newspapers and newsreels in 1947-1948 of hundreds of small vessels (coastal steamers, ferries, yachts... anything which could float... arriving in the Palestinian port in Haifwa swarming with Jewish refugees from Europe... people hanging off the sides off the superstructure and off whatever masts the vessel might have, vessels so overcrowded with people that it seemed they could not have come very far, so overcrowded as they were. The press and media said they had comef rom Cyprus. In fact most of them came from Crete, from a tiny fortress island off the north-east coast of Crete called Spinalonga. (More about Spinalonga later.)

    I was in Europe with the U.S. Army during World War II. A friend of mine who was in the U.S. Navy serving on a U.S. destroyer told me how his destroyer was assigned to accompany British warships conveying British troopships from Rijeka (Yugoslav port at the northernmost tip of the Adriatic) to the Mediterranean island of Crete. Those troopships were crammed with civilian refugrees, he said. Those troopships made dozens of trips to Crete.

    Marshal Josip Broz Tito

    Later I read an account of how a British 8th Army brigade (called "the Jewish Brigade", as it had been recruited from Jews living in Palestine, Egypt and the Middle East) had accompanied the British army in its campaign in Italy, then had been transported late in the war across the Adriatic to Yugoslavia by the British, where it worked with Tito's partisans to escort thousands (perhaps millions) of Jews from Nazi concentration camps in Germany and Central Europe to Rijeka, where they were turned over to the British Navy. I found proof later that this was true.

    Truth is truth... even if NO ONE believes it.

    A lie is a lie... even if EVERYONE belives it.

    Right is right... even if NO ONE is doing it.

    Wrong is wrong... even if EVERYONE is doing it.

    The arrangements for this rescue operation were worked out by British Intelligence. The principal British agents who made the contacts with Tito and German Military Intelligence and Russian military intelligence on the ground in the Balkans, were Kim Philby and Donald Maclean, who years later defected to Soviet Russia. Kim Philby later helped to set up the CIA and while he was in Washington doing that his closest friend and constant associate was the CIA's James Jesus Angleton, who later also ran the Kennedy assassination. Philby, Maclean and their friend Guy Burgess, were all homosexuals, who were lionized by elements of the British upper-crust. Maclean's operations in the Balkans late in the war, so messed up American OSS operations that the head of the OSS, "Wild Bill" Donovan, after complaining about Maclean all the way up to Churchill, finally went to Churchill personally and threatened to go to Roosevelt and offer his resignation, if Churchill didn't pull Maclean out of the Balkans. Churchill's reply to Donovan was to appoint Maclean as his personal representative in Southeastern Europe with power to act as he wished in the name of the British Prime Minister.

    When Philby defected to Russia (following after Maclean and Burgess) he became the houseguest and personal advisor to Yuri Andropov, then the Prime Minister (and supreme ruler) of Soviet Russia.

    Our press and media never reported Tito's true identity. He was not a Yugoslav. He could barely speak Croatian. (He was reported in the U.S. press as being a Croat). In fact he was a Polish Jew who had worked for Soviet Intelligence (the KGB) for decades on assignments all over the world (including in China). He had only been transferred to Yugoslavia and put in charge there during the war. We can only speculate as to why he was put in charge in Yugoslavia.

    When I was in Europe in the U.S. Army during World War II, our last combat operation was the parachute jump across the Rhine at Wesel, ahead of the Allied armies invading Germany. After the jump, on the ground in Germany, everything was chaos. It was impossible to reassemble the American airborne in their proper units. So I and a few other paratroopers whom I knew, joined up with some British Coldstream Guard tanks who were pushing up the Lippe River on the road to Muenster, bound for Bremen. We rode their Churchill tanks into Germany with hardly a shot fired at us by German troops. They were all urging us to push on as fast as possible to get to Berlin before the Russians.

    As we pushed into Germany we came across two Nazi concentration camps, one in the city of Muenster. Those camps were full of emaciated prisoners, as the Germans had not been able to feed them regularly for weeks, Germany then being short on food and everything else. The prisoners were mostly German dissenters, but also Poles, Hungarians, Russians, people from all over Europe, even a few British and American POWs. I never heard a thing from the American POWs about Jewish prisoners.

    Over the next couple of years or so I followed newspaper events about Europe closely. During that time I had left the army and gone to college. I don't remember reading or hearing anything about a Nazi slaughter o the Jews for a couple of years after the war. Inasmuch as the Jewish accounts of the Holocaust claim that the Holocaust took place in Nazi concentration camps in Poland, almost all of which were in areas which the Soviet Red Army occupied in 1944-45, I wonder why the Soviets didn't immediately trumpet these Nazi atrocities out to the Western press and media in 1944-45. Stalic certainly was no admirer of Hitler and the Nazis. It seems he would have been delighted to show the World that monsters the Nazis had been. After all, the Germans had tried to maximize the news of discovery of the mass graves in the Katyn area in the summer of 1941. The bodies still wore the Polish army winter overcoats and snow boots. Stalin certainly would have been delighted to show proof that the Nazis had committed mass-murderers exceeding those of the Societs. Why didn't he? Could ut have been because the Red Army never found any evidence of Holocaust mass-murderers by the Nazis at those camps where the Zionists later claimed that the Holocaust had taken place?

    At college in late 1948 some Jewish friends of mine (whom I had known a year or two earlier) returned to college after having served for some months in the Israeli army during its 1948 war of "independence" against the Arab nations adjoining Palestine (who had come ino to support the Palestinians against the Zionist invastion).

    It turned out that my Jewish friends had been in combat units of the American army during World War II, and had been recruited to go to Palestine in 1946-47 to help the Zionists to invade and occupy that part of Palestine which became "Israel." Many Jewish veterans of the American army from WWII had gone to Palestine to fight for Israel. Apparently many British Jews, combat veterans of World War II, also went to fight for Israel in 1948, supplying the Israeli army much needed combat-experienced war veterans, something lacking amongst the Arab armies. I assume other Jewish WWII combat veterans from other nations also went to Palestine to fight for Israel in 1948. These Jewish combat veterans, together with veterans from the Jewish Brigade of the British Eight Army, gave the Israeli army a cadre of combat-experienced veterans which gave them a military professional edge over the Arabs.

    The myth of the Holocaust was a weapon which was wielded against anyone who might have criticized the bloody Zionist invasion of Palestine. When any critic was loudly labeled "anti-Semitic", it was implied that he was murderous Nazi under the skin.

    It is a tribute to the power of our Zionist-controlled press and media that they were able to brainwash the American public into accepting such illogical associations as believing tha the harm inflicted on the Jews by the Nazis somehow entitled the Zionist Jews to inflict a holocaust on the Palestinians. If the Holocaust really had been inflicted on the German Jews by German Nazis, why didn't the Jews demand to punish the Germans by setting up their Zionist state in Germany rather than in innocent Palestine? What did the Palestinians ever do to the European Jews to deserve such murderous treatment, invasion and the theft of their age-old homeland?

    The argument of the Zionists and Israelis to justify their invasion of Palestine is even more ridiculous and illogical than the phony Holocaust story. They say that God gave Palestine to them by word of Abraham... 4500 years ago. God gave the land to whom?... to the Israelite followers of Abraham? But the present-day "Israelis" are descended from Khazar ancestors who originated on the steppes of Central Asia. How can they claim that the God of Abraham gave it to their ancestors? 4500 years ago? Out on the stepps of Asia, rather than in the Middle East? How can they expect the American public to swallow such baloney? The Zionist invasion and occupation of Palestine was an act of open aggression, bloody, violent aggression against a helpless, unarmed people, a people who had never shown anything but hospitality and kindness to Jewish refugees in distress in earlier decades.

    4/5 stars Very Interesting Wide Ranging Work 

    by the911patriot ( December 27, 2013)

    I recently purchased this book and enjoyed it. This book covers a wide range of subjects in a very few number of pages. You will learn of America's staged and unnecessary entry into the World Wars, Zionism, the Ashkenazim and their influence over banking and politics, the JFK assignation, and more. My only complaint is that I wish it had been more detailed and included more footnotes. I would recommend this book to friends that have an interest in these subjects.
    5/5 stars Another Must Read
    By K.L. Aynedter "K.L.A."  ( December 17, 2013)
    After reading numerous other books such as 'Illuminate' by Henry Makow Ph.D and learning more about the truth in the workings of Zionism. This ebook discusses issues that have been covered up and lied about intentionally like so many major issues these last 50-75 years.

    Author Jorgen Lars Rasmussen is a World War II veteran.

    The publisher, Jon Larsen Shudlick, a former Army chief investigator and popular Florida radio DJ has endorsed the book.


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