The JUDAS GOATS: The Enemy Within

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    The shocking never-before-told story of the infiltration and subversion of the American nationalist movement

    “The use of double, even triple, agents is as old as history. Most notable in the 20th Century, and perhaps of all time, was the Soviet bloc creation and manipulation of false ‘opposition’ movements in Soviet bloc countries, movements that one generation after another of Western covert operators was drawn into supporting.”

    —Professor Roy Godson

    Dirty Tricks or Trump Cards: U.S. Covert Action and Counterintelligence

    The purpose of this book . . .

    There will be those who read this book and will still say . . .

    Well, Mr. Piper, you wrote a really good book, and I think you are absolutely right about these Judas Goats who are misleading good patriotic Americans.

    However, on pages such-and-such you accused So-and-So of being a Judas Goat and I think you are absolutely wrong about that. He’s one of our finest patriots. Why I read his essay in This-and-That magazine and he said some awfully good things.

    I find it hard to believe if So-and-So were a Judas Goat that he would have written such wonderful words. I mean, really, I think you’re mistaken here.

    Those who say such things are lambs ripe for the slaughter.

    This is not a book for the faint-hearted.

    If what you are about to read will disturb you and you are unable to recognize that many whom you may consider to be your friends and allies are really Judas Goats—The Enemy Within—then read no further.

    This book is for those with open minds, those who can absorb difficult concepts, those who are able to recognize that all is not as it seems, those who are ready for the big battle ahead.And, hopefully, a few such folks who previously may have been inclined to be misled by The Judas Goats will finally come around and see the error of their ways . . . before it’s too late.

    Softcover, 366 pages

    Table of Contents

    The Subversive Forces That Brought America to Where It is Today ...
    Page 23

    The Strange World of The Judas Goats
    Page 25

    Nationalism: The Wave of the Future—
    The Prime Target of Zionism and Internationalism
    Page 29

    PART I
    An Introduction:
    An Ugly and Sordid History
    Page 41

    Chapter One
    The Return of COINTELPRO
    Page 42

    Chapter Two
    “Controlled Opposition”
    The Soviet “Trust” Model for Infiltration and Manipulation
    Page 64

    Chapter Three
    J.Edgar Hoover, the FBI and The Enemy Within
    Page 67

    Chapter Four
    John Roy Carlson—
    The First Notorious Judas Goat of the 20th Century
    Page 73

    Chapter Five
    The Great Sedition Trial of 1944:
    Early Collaboration Between the ADL and the FBI—
    Accusing Patriots of Being “Traitors”
    Page 78

    Chapter Six

    Walter Winchell and The Enemy Within:
    Media Front Man for Zionist and British Interests
    Page 102

    Chapter Seven
    Capitol Hill Judas Goat:
    A Zionist Spy for Soviet Intelligence
    Page 108

    Chapter Eight
    The ADL’s Secret Role in Determining Who Got Hired
    By United States Federal Agencies
    Page 110

    Chapter Nine
    The Anti-Defamation League:
    U.S.-based Spy  Agency and Lobby for Israel
    Page 113

    Chapter Ten
    “Charming, Skilled and Clever”
    First-Hand Encounters with the ADL’s #1 Spy:Roy Bullock
    Page 119

    Chapter Eleven
    The ADL Spy Scandal
    Page 128

    An Introduction:

    Cold War Intrigue
    Page 143

    Chapter Twelve
    The Little-Understood Struggle Between
    Stalin-Era Soviet Communism and Zionism:
    Page 144

    Chapter Thirteen
    Zionist Infiltration of the Soviet KGB
    and the Impact on the U.S. Intelligence Services:
    The Secret Foundation of Neo-Conservatism in America
    Page 155

    Chapter Fourteen

    Trotskyite Communism—Now Called “Neo-Conservatism”—
    And the Story Behind Senator Joseph R.McCarthy
    Page 159

    Chapter Fifteen
    The FBI  and the Communist Party USA:
    The Truth About “The Communist “Threat”
    Page 172

    Chapter Sixteen
    The Cold War and the Trotskyite “Neo-Conservatives”
    As the Zionist Vanguard of The Enemy Within
    Page 176

    An Introduction:

    The Rise of the “Responsible Conservatives”
    (And Some “Irresponsible”Conservatives,Too)
    Page 179

    Chapter Seventeen
    Early Zionist Corruption of the Nationalist Cause
    Page 181

    Chapter Eighteen
    William F.Buckley,Jr.
    Self-Appointed “Responsible Conservative”
    Page 185

    Chapter Nineteen
    The Vatican’s Own Enemy Within:
    Malachi Martin’s Secret Role as a Subversive
    Page 188

    Chapter Twenty

    The “Conservative”Fund-Raising Racket:
    Looting American Patriots
    on Behalf of The Enemy Within
    Page 192

    Chapter Twenty-One
    Manipulation of the “Anti-Communist”Cause
    To Advance the Zionist Agenda
    Page 195

    Chapter Twenty-Two
    The John Birch Society:
    A Premier Case Study of The Judas Goat
    Page 199

    Chapter Twenty-Three
    The Rise and Fall of Human Events:
    Self-Styled “Responsible Conservatives”
    Who Helped Destroy America’s Traditional Conservatism
    Page 206

    An Introduction:

    The CIA’s Central Role
    Working for The Enemy Within
    Page 211

    Chapter Twenty-Four
    Intelligence Agency Manipulation
    of the Science of Mind Control
    And Exploitation of the Cult Phenomenon:
    A Very Real Tactic of The Enemy Within
    Page 212

    Chapter Twenty-Five
    Korean Cult Leader Sun Myung Moon:
    Rockefeller Empire Front Man and
    Moneybags for the Zionist Network
    Page 219

    Chapter Twenty-Six
    A Major American Media Outlet:
    A Willing Propaganda Tool for The Enemy Within
    Page 223

    Chapter Twenty-Seven
    Drew Pearson and Jack Anderson—
    Media Shills for the Anti-Defamation League:
    Page 226

    Chapter Twenty-Eight
    A Frightening First-Hand Account:
    How The Enemy Within Recruits “Right Wing”Patsies
    For Political Assassinations
    Page 229

    Chapter Twenty-Nine
    The CIA’s Infiltration of the Anti-Vietnam War Movement
    Bill and Hillary Clinton and John Kerry
    as Judas Goats for The Enemy Within
    Page 232

    Chapter Thirty
    The Fix Was In:
    How Zionist Judas Goats Led the GOP to Defeat in 1940
    And the Democrats to Defeat in 2004
    Page 240

    PART V

    Two Big Names—Two Bad Records
    Page 245

    Chapter Thirty-One
    The Sad Story of Jesse Helms:
    Page 246

    Chapter Thirty-Two
    Newt Gingrich:A Judas Goat From the Beginning:
    Page 252

    An Introduction:

    Explosive Events in Recent History
    Page 257

    Chapter Thirty-Three
    The FBI-ADL-Mossad Nexus
    In the First Attack on the World Trade Center:
    Page 258

    Chapter Thirty-Four
    The FBI-ADL Nexus and the Waco Holocaust
    Page 263

    Chapter Thirty-Five
    Andreas Strassmeir, Kirk Lyons
    and a Sordid Cast of Other Enemies Within
    Linked to the Oklahoma City Bombing
    Page 267

    Chapter Thirty-Six

    Timothy McVeigh and the ADL:
    The Untold Story
    Page 275

    Chapter Thirty-Seven
    Disinformation Central:
    Neo-Conservative Zionist Propaganda
    Regarding the Oklahoma City Bombing
    Page 279

    Chapter Thirty-Eight
    What Really Happened in Oklahoma City?
    A Scenario That Does Make Sense
    Page 284

    Chapter Thirty-Nine
    Talmudic Justice ...
    The Criminal Misdeeds of Michael Chertoff
    Chief Tactician in the Zionist Campaign
    To Crucify Jim Traficant and David Duke
    Page 292

    An Introduction:

    What Could Lie Ahead ...
    Page 299

    Chapter Forty
    The Fox News Phenomenon:
    How Zionist Plutocrats Created a “Media Alternative”
    To the Garbage of the Established Liberal Media in America
    Page 300

    Chapter Forty-One

    The Past, Present and Future Agenda of The Enemy Within:
    Declaring American Patriots to be the “Real”Enemy Within
    Page 305

    Chapter Forty-Two
    Modern-Day “Thought Police”Conspired
    To Censor Campus Criticism of Israel and Zionism:
    Two “Conservative”Shills for the Zionist Cause
    Page 311

    Chapter Forty-Three

    The Zionist Take-Over and Manipulation
    of Local Law Enforcement in America:
    Using Police Power to Strike Down American Patriots
    Page 316

    Chapter Forty-Four
    “If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck ...”
    Jared Taylor’s New “Zionist-Friendly Nationalism”
    Page 320

    The “Israelization”of America
    Page 324

    A FINAL WORD . . .
    Nationalism is the wave of the future—
    And there’s no way to stop it.
    Page 340

    About the Sources
    Page 345

    Page 346

    Page 348

    Photo Section
    Page 351

    More Best-Sellers by Michael Collins Piper
    Page 367

    A Letter From the Author
    Page 376

    Foreword . . .

    The Strange World of
    The Judas Goats—The Enemy Within

    Even many politically astute Americans fail to understand how U.S. government intelligence agencies and allied private spy organizations not only infiltrate undercover agents into “dissident” organizations of both the “left” and the “right,” but also even create “dissident” groups in order to monitor the dissenters. Government infiltration, manipulation and outright creation of political movements in America has a long and sordid history—and one that did not begin in America.

    In addition, in a somewhat different—although very much related—realm, the infiltration, manipulation and outright creation of political movements in America by established politico-religious forces such as Zionism and its interlocking allies in Trotskyite Bolshevism has played a significant part in shaping modern-day global realities, particularly in the realm of impacting upon the American political system.

    In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that the Zionist and Trotskyite elements have, for all intents and purposes, over a period of some 50 years, gained a stranglehold on what was once the traditional populist and nationalist element historically known as the “conservative” movement in America.

    More often than not—as we shall see—the Zionist and Trotskyite elements have worked hand-in-glove with U.S. federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies in a “pincer” movement to contain dissident voices in America. Throughout the 20th century, these subversive elements have infiltrated U.S. policy-making, intelligence and law enforcement and used those agencies for their own agenda.

    This volume is a wide-ranging historical overview of these insidious efforts to control and/or destroy legitimate grass-roots American political endeavors—particularly within what might loosely be described as “the nationalist movement”—by the use of JUDAS GOATS: phony leaders, false prophets, greedy racketeers and enemy agents provocateurs, all of whom serve the interests of their behind-the-scenes handlers at the highest levels of the international plutocratic elite.

    The bottom line is that the long-secret role of high-level forces manipulating “dissident” voices is an explosive story that the guilty parties would rather be left untold. And it is a story that is, frankly, rather frightening for many Americans, particularly on the “right,” who have long been quite correctly concerned about the possibility of infiltrators within their midst. There are many Americans who have spent more than a few sleepless nights wondering if that nice man who always
    attends the meetings of the local “patriot” group is actually an informant for the ADL or the FBI or even the CIA. As we shall see, such fears have solid foundation.

    In the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing more people became aware of government agents inside the “right wing.” For example, those who have investigated are fully convinced that German immigrant Andreas Strassmeir was an undercover agent operating around convicted bomber Timothy McVeigh. And this, too, raised questions as to why self-styled “nationalist” attorney Kirk Lyons continued to defend Strassmeir, leading many to conclude Lyons was also a Judas Goat. (We will examine the Strassmeir-Lyons intrigues in these pages).

    The point is this: Judas Goats often, as cover,” say and do “the right thing” in order to win friends and influence people. Infiltrators and informants are not necessarily on the scene for the purpose of disrupting an organization. Sometimes—more often than not—their purpose is to find out what the organization is up to; with whom its leaders have
    contact; to keep a running watch on its mailing list and its internal operations. On occasion, infiltrators successfully use their influence inside Organization A, for example, to use its resources to target or disrupt Organization B.

    Some of the best agents actually contribute a great deal to the work of the organization being infiltrated, providing ideas and input and other services. After all, what better way to insinuate oneself into a targeted organization than to actually help the organization?

    Infiltrators do and say the “right” things: they wouldn’t be good infiltrators if they didn’t. They have to blend in. They have to appear to be “on the same page” as the people they are mixing with. They have to appear to share the same beliefs. The last thing an infiltrator wants to do is to seem to be going against the grain or otherwise objecting to the point of view of the group that he is targeting.

    Sometimes infiltrators will even go out of their way to appear “extreme” in order to convince their targets of their sincerity—and on occasion the infiltrators go overboard, inadvertently tipping off their targets to the fact that things might not be as they seem. Infiltrators are often very good and generous regular financial contributors to the organizations they are targeting, thereby making themselves valuable (in a very basic sense) to the organization.

    In fact, during the period of the initial COINTELPRO infiltrations of the FBI, the old joke was that the only KKK members who paid their dues on time were the FBI and ADL informants inside the Klan.

    On the other hand, as Dr. Edward R. Fields, a veteran American nationalist, once revealed in his popular journal, The Thunderbolt, when the FBI did have infiltrators inside the KKK, the FBI instructed its informants that while it was permissible for them to make anti-Black public utterances, they should avoid making anti-Jewish remarks, an interesting revelation indeed.

    But make no mistake about the following important point: although we will focus at length on the activities of the FBI and the CIA and the ADL in particular (precisely because these entities played such a major part in doing the work of The Enemy Within), the problem of infiltration and manipulation and destruction of American nationalist and dissident movements has deeply-grounded historical and philosophical antecedents.

    Rooted in the byzantine conflicts between the diverse elements that have promulgated the twin (albeit often conflicting) forces of Zionism and Bolshevism, particularly its Trotskyite brand that remains so influential today, some would say these evil forces are Satanic in nature, at the very root of evil in our world today. In short, ancient (and not so ancient) battles originally fought out on foreign soil flowed over onto the American continent and are now being replayed within (and
    around) the traditional American nationalist movement.

    That said, let it be noted that for the purposes of this panoramic study which we are about to undertake, The Judas Goats—The Enemy Within are not simply those infiltrators and informants for an assortment of private and public intelligence agencies.

    The Enemy Within also infest media outlets (newspapers and broadcasting entities alike). There are so-called “journalists” who do the propaganda dirty work for the ADL and other high-level power blocs in the world today. In these pages we will meet some bought-and-paid-for hack writers who have fashioned lucrative careers out of working to disrupt and destroy political dissidents in America. Some of them have posed as “conservatives”—some have not—but all have one thing in common: they are the media’s front men for their Zionist sponsors.

    In addition, we also define The Enemy Within as those subversive ideological forces that have corrupted and twisted and reshaped, for their own insidious aims, the traditional “conservative” movement in the United States. Most notably, of course, we refer to the so-called “neo-conservatives” of our present day who are no more than Trotskyite communists of the old school who re-tooled and re-configured their own philosophy in order to adapt it to the needs of the modern period.

    In short: Trotskyite Communism—“neo-conservatism”—is now the leading philosophical strand in global Zionist thinking, at least certainly its most influential, by virtue of its power in the United States today.

    With all of this in mind, let us then move forward into the strange world of The Judas Goats—The Enemy Within. review

    58 of 62 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars One of The Most Remarkable Books
    October 23, 2006
    By seekerotruth

    For those who have followed patriotic and nationalist movements and leaders in the U.S. and have been disturbed by the turn events have taken, this book unveils an enormous of amount of information about the various individuals who have acted as Judas Goats in the opinion of the author. These people have in a variety of ways been co-opted by what Piper calls the "Enemy Within." Actually, Piper usually refers to the Judas Goats themselves as the "Enemy Within."

    I have to say Piper is right on the money, pretty much all the time. The degree to which the Judas Goats are culpable individually is difficult to gauge. In most cases he cites I would say they are quite guilty.

    I have seen before my very eyes the Neocons seize control of the Republican Party and the conservative movement. It's astonishing that this group which represents the antithesis of conservatism has somehow inveigled itself in groups and institutions where it has no legitimate place. Midge Decter heading the Philadelphia Society, for example.

    This book, however, reveals the deep corruption of the Right has been going on long before the Neocons ever dreamed of "leaving" Trotskyism and socialism. Robert Welch is a most interesting example of a conservative who appears to have been bought off by this lobby. In some cases, I am not very certain if the movement leaders were co-opted with financial enticements or whether something else was involved, such as just plain blindness to the situation, a real possibility considering how concentrated media power is here in the U.S., not to mention huge parts of the rest of the Western world.

    This should be required reading by all patriotic Americans, especially those in positions of power and influence, such as journalists, Army, Navy, and Air Force brass and police officers who love their own country and its Constitution more than they fear the infiltrating enemy (the one that attacked the USS Liberty and didn't warn us about the likely attacks on the Marine barracks in Lebanon, not to mention one that intervenes in our politics to such an extent that it dominates our foreign policy in the Middle East). Afterall, America belongs to Americans, not Israelis and Israeli loyalists, as much as the latter two groups seem to think otherwise.

    This book is a cornucopia of information and should be of great use to anyone who sees the struggle now is between basically the Zionist and Zionist-oriented international elites, their pathetic fellow travellers, and the poor folks who have been fooled into doing their bidding (people who are actually fighting against their own interests) and the rest of us who get to suffer from the Zionist and Zionist-oriented elites' unending quest for ever greater wealth, power, and "status."

    Who is Michael Collins Piper?

    A statement from Ryu Ohta,
    Chairman of the Tokyo, Japan-based
    Society for the Critique of Contemporary Civilization

    In a time of tsunamic ideological shifts, in which audacious propagandists are relentlessly engaged in frenzied efforts to rewrite the facts of history, to challenge these truth-twisters Michael Collins Piper arrives: the American Voltaire, an enlightened thinker and polemicist who has no fear of confronting harsh realities, doing so with elegance and verve.

    In recent years Piper has emerged as the unrivaled ambassador of the American nationalist movement to peoples all across the planet: from Moscow to Abu Dhabi to Kuala Lumpur and on to Tokyo and Toronto and Tehran.

    In no uncertain terms, he has issued a clarion call—a rallying cry—for all of us to join together, to reclaim our heritage and to sweep away the corruption of international capital and the consequent malign force that’s come in its wake, driving our world to the brink of nuclear annihilation.

    Piper’s message is loud and clear: Real Americans do not support the Zionist scheme to exploit America’s military might to conquer the globe; that good people who oppose the Zionist Imperium must put aside differences and close ranks, united for the final battle.

    Passionate, making no pretense of being without bias, Piper identifies and savages those who manifest attitudes of open hatred for nationalism and freedom.

    Having fashioned historical writing into an art form, Piper has few peers. Nor are there many who speak truth to power as Piper does so well.

    Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center has said that, because Piper criticizes Israel, he is “anti-American.” In fact, Piper’s work proves precisely how pro-American he is.


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