The REAL WATERGATE SCANDAL: Collusion, Conspiracy and the Plot That Brought Nixon Down

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    An aging judge about to step down. Aggressive prosecutors friendly with the judge. A disgraced president. A nation that had already made up its mind.

    The Watergate trials were a legal mess—and now, with the discovery of new documents that reveal shocking misconduct by prosecutors and judges alike, former Nixon staffer Geoff Shepard has a convincing case that the wrongdoing of these history-making trials was actually a bigger scandal than the Watergate scandal itself. And Washington Post reporters Woodward and Bernstein were right in the middle of the criminal activities.

    Here is an account of Watergate that does not yet again re-crucify Nixon, but demands, with verifiable authority, that the whole subject be revisited under a different, more balanced spotlight.

    Mr. Shepard was “in the room” every bit as much as John Dean and others, yet emerges with a different viewpoint entirely.

    Hardcover, 385 pages

    The Real Watergate Scandal is one of the most valuable books ever published on the Nixon presidency. Geoff Shepard’s intrepid archival research has unearthed documents that expose evidence of deeply disturbing collusion between the Watergate special prosecutors and the presiding judge in the Watergate criminal trials. It’s the biggest Watergate bombshell to hit since the Nixon tapes in 1973—with implications at once historic and relevant today.”

    —JAMES ROSEN, author of The Strong Man: John Mitchell and the Secrets of Watergate


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