The BLACK WIDOW’S BITE: Bush-Clinton-Cheney Crime Cult’s Chaotic Crisis

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    In the fourth and final book of the “Barbarians Inside The Gates” series, Colonel Donn de Grand Pre’ lays out how a dedicated combine of Israelis, Zionists and neoconservatives backed by equally dedicated Illuminati and Blackwater mercenaries, have been at war with the United States since the events known as 9-11 overthrew the U.S. government by an administrative coup d’état.

    The enemy within now dominates six of the seven Ms:


    He desperately needs the seventh “M”—MUSCLE—embodied in our military and its primary function, to defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

    Hardcover, 396 pages

    Col. Donn de Grand Pré, USA (ret.), served in Burma and China during World War II and was twice wounded commanding combat forces in Korea. Later, under then-Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, he was chief arms negotiator for the Middle East. He oversaw the sale of over a hundred billion dollars’ worth of military equipment, and was still a Pentagon arms negotiator in the 1970s under President Ford.

    Soon after the second attempt on his life, Ford told Donn “something has gone terribly wrong in our country when a president can no longer walk among the people.” This jarred Donn from his heady pursuit of striving to become the world’s leading arms peddler. Disillusioned with our government’s course, both at home and abroad, Donn exited Washington, D.C. for his farm in Virginia where he began an intensive program of research which slowly unmasked a deadly “Bolshevik” peril to our Republic . . . “hidden Barbarians” already inside the gates; an enemy totally dedicated to the destruction of our sovereignty as a nation-state and the enslavement or extermination of all who might block their plans for World domination.”

    Since 1975, Colonel de Grand Pré has written a number of books, including his novel series “Barbarians Inside the Gates,” of which The Black Widow’s Bite is the fourth volume.


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