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    The best book ever written to help the average citizen understand the disaster of straying from the Founders' lawful money into counterfeit “legal tender.” Saussy’s masterpiece sold over 100,000 copies without any help from the national media or corporate bookstores—a remarkable feat!

    This book also includes Roger Sherman’s Caveat Against Injustice, under the same cover, making two books for the price of one. Sherman signed more of America’s founding documents than any other, yet was virtually ignored in history books. Saussy always maintained the reason for this was that it was Sherman who inserted: “No State shall make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts.”

    Softcover, 205 pages

    Excerpt from page 23:

    Dream worlds are hard to leave. Even painful dream worlds are hard to leave. They’re especially hard to leave when the dream makers tell us that leaving the dream world will be catastrophic. Many people actually prefer the ideasphere to reality, not caring that they are denying their whole selves pleasures of incredible intensity, pleasures and abilities truly “undreamed of.” These people, and they are among our most respected citizens, are fully trained to believe in the life broadcast by the ideasphere, ~ and they believe it can’t get much better than it is. They’ll never come around to reality until they must.


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